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New-Equations-Cofounders-photos-Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey

New Equations™ grew from the research and discoveries made by Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey of the nine Postures of Strength™, the Soultypes™, and the process called Soultyping™.

New Equations™ is about human spiritual evolution – how we as human beings can each expand the consciousness of our soul and further achieve our spiritual potential so our movement and existence is giving to ourselves, to others, and to the universe itself.

New Equations™ is about the nine Forces of Nature and the nine Spiritual Portals of the human body.

The more open you are, the more you expand; the more freedom you have, the more spectacular your life becomes; the more flexible you are, the more the unknown becomes known.

The universal language of New Equations Music™ can guide your soul as you align to yourself, to the earth, and to the universe.

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