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New Equations Cofounders Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets


New Equations grew from the research and discoveries made by Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey of the nine Postures of Strength®, Soultypes®, Soultyping®, Facial Expressions of Strength™, Movement Centers™, and presents ways in which the nine Spiritual Portals™ of the human body, Professional Spirituality™, and the nine Forces of Nature create a foundation for our existence.

We as human beings can each expand the consciousness of our existence. Our
New Equations Music®, practices, programs, and workshops, gently guide your
soul, spirituality, and physicality, so you become more aligned to yourself, the
earth, humanity, and the universe.


Quick Guide to New Equations

Siska Tovey, Soultype 8, and Alan Sheets, Soultype 5, New Equations The Floor with Four Lights Symphony Imagediscovered that people share profound spiritual gifts and that these gifts can be developed and shown in a new concrete way:

Our discovery shows that we are not just different in superficial ways – but we are different on a higher and much more important level – the soul level. This has to do with how we move, think, interact and function in the world. 

We call our work NEW EQUATIONS because if you know it, you can find countless and magical ways to live your life, create a life of infinite possibilities, and give you more peace and balance.

We found that there are nine different types of people in the world, which we call Soultypes. New Equations is not simply a system that shows the intellectual differences between people, but a difference that comes from the soul.

— Siska and Alan





Your Soultype is something you are born with, but can continue to develop if you are aware of its magic. In fact, some of the people in the world who have done great things, like Nelson Mandela, Soultype 9, and Maya Angelou, Soultype 5, are people who used their soul strength to create magnificent positive change in themselves and the world.

To find out more, visit our Spiritual Portals / Soultypes page!

During their research, Siska and Alan found that the ancient Egyptians also knew about the Soultypes. They found that the ancient Egyptians used the wisdom and knowledge of the Soultypes to create their incredible culture and civilization. The numbering system and colors for the Soultypes came from the ancient Egyptians.

Professional Spirituality

New Equations can be the spiritual experience that changes your life. The best part about this journey is that everything you learn will only enhance what you know you have always been capable of. You can finally expand and utilize the amazing gifts that you naturally bring to the world. We call this Professional Spirituality.

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