Artists Using New Equations


Working with New Equations on a regular basis, and intensely before performances, has opened my voice, made it richer, and helps me to be more present on stage. New Equations makes me feel more a part of something bigger than myself.

— Birgitte Christensen

Laurel Avery

Writer & Illustrator
Soultype 7

Laurel Avery sitting superimposed  in front of a collage of her artwork

Laurel Avery is a Soultype 7 artist and writer from California, USA. She is in the NEATO Level 4 – New Equations Spiritual Research program. Laurel is writing and illustrating nine books for young children – featuring a book for each of the nine Soultypes. Laurel often designs using pencils, pastels, markers, digital illustration software, acrylic and tempera paint, and she creates sculptures with recycled materials, paper maché and clay. Laurel also includes photos of our natural world that she has either taken or edited. Laurel’s wish is that each child sees, feels and experiences the light and magic of their own soul through the pictures and words in these books. Laurel is a New Equations Certified Teacher and is a certified Early Childhood Education teacher. Shown below and with Laurel are some of the illustrations for her children’s books.

Laurels artwork of a boy smiling with a dolphin in the background

Sabine Ritter

Painter & Designer
Soultype 7 

Sabine Ritter sitting with her painting of a woman's face

Sabine Ritter is a Soultype 7 artist from Germany. She is in the NEATO Level 2 – New Equations Expansion program. Sabine is trained in many aspects of design, enjoys applying different painting technologies to design and paint, such as chalk, coal, water, pastels, oil and acrylic. She is exploring how to incorporate New Equations Music and practices into her creative process, particularly as she connects with the harmony and energy of each Soultype. It is important to her to touch the body, mind and soul with her work. The photo above shows the beautiful painting she created during her Spiritual Portal 9 training. Sabine’s art is exhibited in shows in Germany and internationally.

Sabine Ritter smiling

Using New Equations and your Soultype as you express yourself artistically opens a more present, natural, and expansive creativity.

Using New Equations and your Soultype as you express yourself artistically
opens a more present, natural, and expansive creativity.

Birgitte Christensen

Opera Singer
Soultype 8

Birgitte Christensen performing with an orchestra

Birgitte Christensen is a Soultype 8 Norwegian soprano. She is in the NEATO Level 1 – New Equations Essence program. Birgitte uses her own Soultype strength and the nine Spiritual Portals to develop her voice in a new extraordinary way.

Birgitte Christensen's face on a billboard outside of the Paris Opera House

Birgitte performs internationally and has appeared in title roles at the Staatsoper Berlin, Semperoper Dresden, Staatsoper Stuttgart, National Theater Mannheim, Komische Oper Berlin, Teatro Municipal de Chile, the Bolshoi Theatre Moscow, Norwegian National Opera and the Opéra National de Paris (pictured above).

When you are in touch with your soul in a conscious new way, the
magic of who you are comes alive and gives magic to others.