Discover Your Soultype


Welcome to Discover Your Soultype! This is a unique and transformational twelve session journey that includes getting to know the nine Spiritual Portals and being Soultyped.

The Soultyping Program creates a broad solid foundation for your own Soultype because you learn to use all nine Spiritual Portals (Movement Centers). In other words, you learn how to use the gifts of all nine Soultypes. This gives you an experience of the spirituality of all human beings. The Soultyping program is new for humanity and gives you an opportunity to discover unique gifts and strengths from your soul.

There are twelve in-person meetings with a New Equations Certified Teacher in the Soultyping Program. We recommend combining the two first and two last sessions. Depending on what works best for your schedule, you may also like to combine sessions 3 and 4, 5 and 6, 7 and 8, 9 and 10.

Soultype Identification and Eduction Services are available only through New Equations and are offered by New Equations Certified Teachers and Soultype Instructors. We have certified teachers in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Oslo, Norway.

    • When you are being Soultyped, your soul, your spirituality and physicality will come into balance and start to function as one.
    • Your spiritual strength will become visible in one of the nine Postures of Strength®.
    • You will feel the physical expression of your soul / Soultype.
    • You will learn how to use each of the nine Spiritual Portals and the Spiritual Postures.
    • You will receive a manifested spiritual tool belt that is always with you in your daily life.
    • This is a twelve session program – you choose the length of time between each session
    • Sessions 11 and 12 are always taught in-person by New Equations Cofounders Alan SheetsSiska Tovey, or Siv Roland, a Certified Soultype Instructor.
    • Soultyping happens in-person during session 12
The experience of being grounded in my Soultype is like being a living, breathing, work of art.
— Mary, Soultype 4
New Equations lavender heart This is so big. This is magic. This is the soul that has begun to get a bigger place in my life. This is no miracle cure. This is about making yourself available in everyday life, even where everything has become materialistic and scientific.
— Hanne Kristin, Soultype 3