New Equations for Performing Artists


Performing from your soul creates pure magic!

Sometimes, during a performance, something extraordinary happens. Most performers have felt this at some point in their careers. They are able to be more in the moment, alive and available than they normally are. The performance becomes easy, timeless and very present. After a particularly amazing performance you will often hear an artist say something like:

I wasn’t thinking, something else inside of me led the way,
and I was able to perform at a higher level than ever before.

Jenna Tovey performing onstage   man jumping between rocks   Siv Roland playing the piano 


Soultype – Soul Strength – Soul Magic

The soul has strength and wisdom that the mind does not. By learning about your Soultype and the nine Spiritual Portals, finding that magical place within yourself no longer becomes a mystery – you know how to find it, and every time you find it your connection becomes stronger. This connection helps you grow not only as a performer, but also as a person.

Birgitte Christensen

Working with New Equations on a regular basis, and intensely before performances, has opened my voice, made it richer, and helps me to be more present on stage. New Equations makes me feel more a part of something bigger than myself.

There are so many things I could have written about my journey with Siv Roland that I almost do not know where to begin – but, never in my life have I worked with music that has come to mean so much to me! New Equations Music silences the noise in my head that makes me doubt who I am and limits what I can do. The music opens the whole ME so I can go into my tasks with body and soul and not focus on what might go wrong. New Equations training brings me an inner peace that also enables me to see other people better.

Birgitte Christensen – Opera Singer, Soultype 8, Norway

Our Instructors

If you would like to learn how to incorporate New Equations into your performance, continue to read! We offer one-on-one coaching sessions and we hope to see you soon!

Siv Roland onstage playing 4 pianos

Siv Roland – Musician, Conductor, Composer, New Equations Certified Soultype Instructor

Siv Roland has extensive background in music and plays all of the New Equations Music. Siv has a MA in Conducting from the Norwegian Academy of Music; a BA in Music Performance and a BA in Music Teacher Education from the Barratt Due Institute of Music.


Jenna Tovey backstage getting ready to perform   Jenna acting in the film The Pinnacle





Jenna Tovey
– Actress, Healer, New Equations Certified Teacher

Jenna Tovey received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Chapman University and is a New Equations Certified Teacher.

Siv and Jenna will teach you how to use your nine Spiritual Portals and the strength of your soul in your performances. The creativity of your Soultype will become more and more present and a natural part of your artistic expression. When you are in touch with your soul in a conscious new way, the magic of who you are comes alive and gives magic to others.

Siv is based in Oslo, Norway. For more information or to sign up with Siv you can contact her at

Jenna is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. For more information or to sign up with Jenna you can contact her at

Soultype Performances

These video sequences that we put together show moments when people performed from the strength of their soul and their Soultype. It is pure joy to see this present. Because of the connection to their soul they are able to perform at the highest level.

Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain

Soultypes and Spiritual Portals

Here you can learn more about the nine Soultypes and Spiritual Portals.

HISTORY New Equations Portals 1-9 Chakra woman image