Guided Training in New Equations


Many people find it useful to receive guided training while on their New Equations journey. New Equations Certified Teachers provide personal guided training to help you have deeper experiences throughout all parts of your journey, including your experiences with New Equations Music (music website) and the New Equations Spiritual Postures (music website).

For more information: email or call us in the USA at 1-415-459-6796

New Equations Certified Teachers are members of the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. They are always current with the ongoing developments in New Equations, and are qualified to present and teach New Equations. 

New Equations Certified Teachers will help you develop your nine Spiritual Portals. The ability to use all nine of your Spiritual Portals creates a balance within you so you can resonate more from your soul and your spirituality, whether or not you know your own Soultype.

New Equations Guided Training orange rose 2inch photo copyright Siska Tovey 2


For the first time, we as human beings
are able to grow and develop

from the essence of our spirituality to the
physicality of who we are.