There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.

— Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller 1895 – 1983

New Equations Cofounders Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets photo

Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets

The story behind the development of New Equations® is one of human spirituality and how it is visible and expressed through the body.

In 1994 Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets made the pioneering discovery of the nine Soultypes®. Since then Siska and Alan have worked on developing New Equations and have made their discoveries available to the world.

From their initial discovery came others, including the Postures of Strength®, Soultyping®, Facial Expressions of Strength™, Movement Centers™, and two major chakras.

Siska and Alan are the cofounders of New Equations, New Equations Music, and the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. Siska Tovey is the director of the New Equations organization. She and Alan offer programs, practices and music that give you the opportunity to learn how to use the wisdom of your soul and your Soultype so that you may become more deeply aligned with your own spirituality and physicality.

New Equations History outlines Siska and Alan’s research and many of their discoveries through 2016.


In the late 1980’s, Siska and Alan opened a physical therapy clinic in a small town north of San Francisco, California, USA. Siska was certified in Aston-Patterning® and Alan was certified in the Feldenkrais Method®. Their particular focus was to use only gentle and non-invasive treatment approaches, and they found that Aston-Patterning and the Feldenkrais Method worked beautifully together to create healing using no force. At the same time, Siska and Alan were continually exploring ways to further enhance the healing process for their clients. This included bringing into their practice therapists who offered other modalities, such as biofeedback and breathing techniques.

HISTORY enneagram diagram

Enneagram symbol with numbers and circle

They also looked into psychological and philosophical approaches. In 1990, they read The Enneagram – Understanding Yourself and the Others in Your Life, by Helen Palmer. Her book presented a psychological model of nine personality types developed around a nine-pointed geometric figure inside a circle called the enneagram. Each personality type was assigned a number that correlated with a point on the enneagram. Relationships between the types were shaped by the ways in which the lines of the diagram connected. Palmer’s model of nine personality types focused on human weakness and neurotic behavior, and what a person might do to resolve the unique, type-specific problems they faced. The way a person determined their enneagram type was through self-assessment or by working with an enneagram teacher, such as Palmer.

Siska and Alan delved into the history of the enneagram to see if they could find its origins and learn more. They found that Palmer, who was at that time a teacher of intuition, had for many years been a student of Claudio Naranjo, a psychiatrist who had developed a psychological model of personality and was the founder of Seekers After Truth (SAT). Naranjo had identified nine neurotic expressions of behavior, which he correlated with the enneagram diagram. Siska and Alan learned that Naranjo had been introduced to the enneagram by Oscar Ichazo, founder of the Arica Institute, who had also associated various personality characteristics with the diagram.

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a mystic and spiritual teacher, was the first person to introduce to the Western world a model of human behavior correlated with the enneagram symbol. Gurdjieff traveled the world looking for spiritual truth, and he brought back from his travels an understanding of the nature of reality that he went on to share with his students, which he called The Fourth Way.

GI GURDJIEFF photo New Equations History

George Ivanovich Gurdjieff

Gurdjieff taught that any process could be understood by using the enneagram. Later, many other people, such as Richard Rohr, Don Riso and Russ Hudson came forward with their own perspectives on how the geometric figure might be used as a tool.

Siska and Alan’s exploration helped them to understand why these approaches to the enneagram were centered around psychology and personality. They also found that the origin of the enneagram itself dated back farther than any of the people they had researched.




By the summer of 1993, Siska and Alan had read everything they could find about the different enneagram models that people had developed. They did not know why, but they both felt something was missing. Since they did not know what it was, they decided to hold study groups at their home and do their own research. Their groups were open to anyone who was interested, and although there were many people who attended on a regular basis, Siska and Alan never knew in advance who would participate in any particular meeting.

Their experience as Feldenkrais and Aston-Patterning practitioners had showed Siska and Alan that their clients were more able to heal, change and grow when they focused on what was working well. They applied this understanding to their research. What was unique and different about their approach to using the enneagram was that it was based solely on people’s strengths instead of on their neurotic behaviors. They interviewed many people, both privately and in their study groups, to explore these strengths. Siska and Alan worked using no force in their physical therapy clinic, and they wanted to continue on this path, so they centered their research around finding ways for people to express their positive nature and goodness. This led to deeper connections and brought forth many new insights about human nature.


As a result of their research, Siska and Alan were able to develop a new nine-type paradigm that included a new typing process. Their new paradigm was instrumental in bringing them clarity. Each of the nine types seemed to embody a particular great strength that included a special gift for humanity. Their research showed them that an individual’s strengths and creativity would come forward when he or she was supported in a purely positive way. So, when Siska and Alan typed someone, they focused only on that person’s wisdom, strengths, and the ways in which they expressed compassion to others. Every person who attended their study group was very excited and interested in the nine-type system Siska and Alan had developed, and they brought family and friends to participate, be typed, and contribute to the research. Siska and Alan began to document their findings about these strengths.

HISTORY New Equations dancers on enneagram diagram Meetings With Remarkable Men

Dancing on enneagram diagram – Meetings With Remarkable Men

In August of 1994, Siska and Alan attended the 1st International Enneagram Conference, held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. Here they saw several dance scenes taken from Meetings with Remarkable Men, a movie about Gurdjieff and his travels. The complex and beautiful dances captured their attention. In one of them, the performers danced on an enneagram diagram that was painted on the floor. These dances pointed out a possible new direction. Siska and Alan wondered if there might be a correlation between the body, movement and their new nine-type system.

They purchased a copy of the movie and watched the dances before their next study group. Siska and Alan decided that they would show the dances to the group and also do a physical exercise. Alan, who holds a black belt in Aikido, used a martial arts warm-up exercise that encourages a person to use no force to gain strength. They knew it was important to continue not using force in anything related to their research.

Alan put his hand on each person’s chest and asked them to walk forward while he gave them a small amount of resistance. Because of Alan’s martial arts training, he was able to create resistance using non-forceful energy instead of muscular strength. Every person had to find a way to move, and each participant seemed to do this in a different way. When the last person in the study group that evening tried to walk forward, the only part of her body that moved was her lower body. She appeared to be trying to gain strength by moving her abdomen forward – in fact, she moved her lower body so far forward, and arched her back so much, that if she had kept going she would have fallen over backwards.

One other person in the study group had responded in the same way, and she was the same type. This indicated that each of the nine types in the new system might have their own body-based response. Siska and Alan thought over their own life experiences and nothing they had ever read or heard about identified this kind of difference in the way people use their body. The next day, Alan went to the library to see if he could find anything there that described movement differences between people, but found nothing.

Siska and Alan realized then that they might have discovered something new, something no one else knew anything about.

Alan Sheets teaching study group photo History

Alan Sheets with study group – 1994

Three weeks later at the next study group, Siska and Alan decided to try a different exercise. Siska and Alan met hand-to-hand while Alan slowly increased the intensity of his push until he was pushing with a lot of energy. Suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, a burst of energy came from Siska that caused Alan to stagger back at least ten feet (three meters). People in the group gasped with surprise. They all knew that Siska had no training in the martial arts, so the energetic response that they saw had to come from something else. Siska and Alan both felt a deep, pure and powerful connection between them when this happened, as well as peacefulness in their bodies. Their experience was mysterious to them and they were intrigued. They did the exercise together two more times with the same results.

The students in the study group were excited to try. Alan met with each person using the same non-forceful and slow steady push that gradually increased in intensity. As with Siska, a strong burst of energy came from each person. Study group participants felt enlivened and empowered by their experiences. Each person’s energy had a different quality to it, but in every case Alan was propelled backwards.

Siska and Alan recognized what appeared to be a powerful energy that is accessible through the human body.


During the following study groups, Siska and Alan continued to research this phenomenon. Alan started pushing on each participant’s hands for short periods of time to see how they would respond, while Siska observed their reactions and physical responses. As each person adjusted their body and at the same time allowed their body, instead of their mind, to lead their response, they found a way to get stronger. Everyone began to find a way to stay with longer and increasingly intense pushes, and the more they let their body lead, the easier it became. Siska and Alan observed that each type appeared to take a different physical position in response to Alan’s push, and that people who were the same type responded with a similar posture.

They experienced each person’s energy become increasingly strong and concentrated in a particular area of their body, and the location varied depending on the person’s type. Siska and Alan found that energy for types 1-7-5 became strong and centralized in the head, whereas for 3-6-9 it was the chest, and for 8-4-2 it was strongest below the ribcage.

Siska and Alan also experienced changes in each person’s spirituality and physicality as they became stronger; each person’s presence became stunningly beautiful.

Over the next few weeks they worked with many people of all nine types. Everyone had recently been typed by Siska and Alan using their new system. They guided and observed the responses and began to find different postures that were helping their students become stronger without the use of muscular effort.

By December of 1994, Siska and Alan had found nine distinct and unique postures. They named these Postures of Strength. Except for minor adjustments, the Postures of Strength are the same today as they were then.

New Equations History Postures of Strength LOGO

One of the things that stood out about this discovery was that the less people used muscular effort or force, the stronger their physical bodies became.

Their newly developed typing system now advanced to another level. Siska and Alan began to include a physical component in their typing system, which involved finding a person’s Posture of Strength as a way to identify their type. They saw that this approach bypassed the mental process and people would feel within themselves a body-based, non-forceful energy giving them strength. Everyone they typed now had an opportunity to experience inner peace and calmness, which created a wonderful balance. Adding the Postures of Strength to the typing process gave people an extraordinary opportunity to feel the pure profoundness of who they really were. Using the Postures of Strength became Siska and Alan’s main focus when typing people. As you continue to read this History, you will see that what Siska and Alan had discovered was so unique and new that it took many years before another person was able to type using the Postures of Strength.

Siska and Alan continued their research to gain greater understanding and develop their work further. To date, they have not found anyone else with knowledge about the Postures of Strength.

At that time Siska and Alan initially named their work the Enneagram of the Body because of its early connection to the nine numbers associated with the enneagram diagram, and because their discovery showed new spiritual and physical body-based responses.

In May of 1995, Siska and Alan began to teach and held their first public workshop to share their discoveries. They were also interviewed for articles published in the Enneagram Monthly journal. These articles introduced their discovery of the Postures of Strength. In September of 1996, Siska and Alan published their first book, The Physical Enneagram and presented their discoveries at the 2nd International Enneagram Conference. 


In the fall of 1995, as the result of a deep spiritual experience, Siska correlated the seven major chakras with the types in their new system. At that time she was unfamiliar with the major chakras, although she had heard the word ‘chakra’. While having a bodywork session, she felt energy connect the top of her head to the universe, and she received knowledge and awareness about how the chakras correlated with the energy she and Alan had experienced coming from people’s bodies. This was Siska’s first conscious connection to beings from other dimensions; over the years, these beings would become more present to help Siska and Alan’s work develop.

HISTORY New Equations Portals 1-9 Chakra woman image

Energy Centers

Siska went directly home and began to research the chakras. She read that chakra is a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’ or ‘center’, and that there were seven major chakras, or centers of swirling energy, in the body. Even though Siska and Alan found some differences around the world about the location of the seven major chakras, they were able to use knowledge of the chakras to help them pinpoint a location on the body where the energy was strongest for each of the nine types.

Siska and Alan had discovered nine Postures of Strength, so they knew there had to be two additional major chakras beyond the seven already identified in the chakra system. They continued with their research, and by working more closely with their students they discovered a major chakra at the upper sternum and another between the shoulder blades. This increased the number of major chakras of the human body from seven to nine. They began to call these nine locations energy centers.

Every time Siska and Alan worked with a student who was in their Posture of Strength, and asked this person to focus on their own type’s energy center, the student instantly became demonstrably stronger.

This was an exciting time for Siska and Alan because they could connect their discoveries to ancient knowledge about human beings: their numbering system was related to the enneagram geometric figure, and the locations for the energy centers were related to the major chakras. Research they conducted later revealed that an understanding of these systems could be traced to pre-dynastic and ancient Egypt (more information later in this History). Two years after Siska experienced receiving knowledge about the chakras, Alan realized that a spiritual being from another dimension was supporting him, as well. Alan named him Light Being and knew that he was available to help them move forward with their research.

New Equations History page Siska Tovey Soultyping at CTI Leadership Soultype 2

Siska Tovey (R) at Co-Active Space Leadership

New Equations History page Alan Sheets teaching at CTI Leadership Soultype 3

Alan Sheets (L) at Co-Active Space Leadership



Siska Tovey (L) South Africa 1999

Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey – Soultyping, South Africa

Presenting their discoveries became more important for Siska and Alan and soon, in addition to teaching in the United States, they offered workshops for the public and organizations around the world, including Scottish Power and British Petroleum in the United Kingdom, Telenor in Norway, and Arthur Andersen in Japan.

In June of 1997, Siska and Alan began teaching their work and typing participants for the Coaches Training Institute Co-Active Space Leadership Program. They developed a creative collaboration with the program’s leaders, and together they shared the goal of inspiring leadership trainees to bring the best of themselves to humanity in service of all. This relationship continued through the summer of 2004.

Siska and Alan presented their work to a diverse community. Other organizations and conferences where they presented at this time include: Mendocino County Office of Education; Marin County Psychological Association; Graduate Theological Union; Marin Nature Conservancy; TEMBA Elementary School; Delano Regional Medical Center; John F. Kennedy University Graduate Schools of Management and Psychology; Parliament of the World’s Religions; International Coaching Federation Conferences; and International Enneagram Conferences.


One afternoon in mid-1997, Siska watched a documentary on television called The Mystery of the Sphinx that featured Egyptologist John Anthony West. He introduced discoveries about the ancient Egyptians that showed they possessed scientific knowledge lost to the modern world. The program pointed out for Siska several new exciting directions to explore. It also referenced a book by West called Serpent in the Sky – The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt, which Siska immediately purchased at a local bookstore so she could read more about the ideas he presented in the documentary.

The whole of Egyptian civilization was based upon a complete and precise understanding of universal laws. This profound understanding manifested itself in a consistent, coherent and inter-related system that fused science, art and religion into a single organic Unity. In other words, it was exactly the opposite of what we find in the world today.

— John Anthony West, Serpent in the Sky – The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt (1)

New Equations History John Anthony West Egypt Sphinx enclosure

John Anthony West – 2009

Information Siska found in West’s book about Sacred Geometry indicated it might correlate with aspects of their own discoveries. West introduced particular meanings the ancient Egyptians attributed to the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 that were surprisingly similar to what she and Alan understood to be true about the wisdom of the nine types in their own new system.

West also referenced nine Neters that were the “principles of life” in ancient Egypt, responsible for creating and sustaining the universe and everything in it. The Neters served as the foundation for this ancient civilization. The descriptions of the Neters looked like they might also align with the knowledge Siska and Alan were uncovering about the nine types.

Every aspect of Egyptian knowledge seems to have been complete at the very beginning. The sciences, artistic and architectural techniques and the hieroglyphic system show virtually no signs of a period of ‘development’; indeed, many of the achievements of the earliest dynasties were never surpassed, or even equaled later on. This astonishing fact is readily admitted by orthodox Egyptologists, but the magnitude of the mystery it poses is skillfully understated, while its many implications go unmentioned. Egyptian civilization was not a ‘development’, it was a legacy.

— John Anthony West, Serpent in the Sky – The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt (1)


René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz


West also presented many important discoveries made by Egyptologist René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz (1887-1961). Schwaller de Lubicz re-interpreted the history of ancient Egypt and pre-dynastic Egypt. He spent 15 years of his life performing extraordinary breakthrough research at the ancient Luxor Temple in Luxor, Egypt, and he documented his research in the 1,000 page, two volume The Temple of Man. His research revealed and expanded understanding of the spirituality of ancient Egypt. Schwaller de Lubicz made revolutionary discoveries that even now are not fully acknowledged by orthodox scholars. When The Temple of Man became available in English, Siska and Alan started to study what it contained. During the next ten years, Schwaller de Lubicz’s research became an important resource for understanding their own discoveries and for aligning their new discoveries in the years to follow.




True poetry is magic, and magic is identification with form, body with body, Spirit with Spirit. The All in One, Ecce homo, is the symbol above all symbols; and human being is not an image, a condensation of the Universe; a human being is the Universe.

What could I know, that is, what could I feel and experience of the stone, of light, of the animal, of you, if all these forms were not in me? You and I are not two. In the identity of form, in the origin and in the end, we are one.

I am responsible for your evil and your good, for your truth and your falsehood. I can do nothing to change you now, but I can improve you by improving myself.

This is moral magic.

Experience proves the truth, makes it certain, and drives falsehood away.

— René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz, The Temple of Man (12)

HISTORY luxor-temple-plan-schwaller-de-lubicz

Luxor Temple structural diagram showing its alignment to human physicality as discovered by Schwaller de Lubicz





During a phone call to West’s office, Siska found out that West took people on trips to Egypt to explore the ancient sites. This news was exciting and she set an intention that she and Alan would take this trip someday.










HISTORY Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey workshop sitting front of room display boards 4-1999

Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey – 1999

Siska identified a singularly beautiful facial expression for each type that would appear on a person’s face when they were in their Posture of Strength. She saw that each type used their facial muscles differently and the unique expression would appear whenever a person was typed and had become strong in their Posture of Strength.

Siska shared her insight about these captivating facial expressions with Alan and they decided to see if they could find photos of people showing these expressions. They needed to look through thousands of photographs but they focused intently on this project. Soon Siska created nine display boards, each showing the Facial Expressions of Strength for all nine types, making them available for everyone to see (shown in photo). This discovery helped make the physical expressions of the soul more recognizable for people, and they published Enneagram of the Body – Experiencing and Learning to Understand the Human Life Force Energies.

HISTORY New Equations Huston Smith photo

Huston Smith

In the spring of 1999, during a conversation with one of their students, Alan shared details about the wisdom each of the nine types seemed to contain within their being. Alan told this student that he and Siska felt that the nature of each type seemed to be rooted in spirituality, and their student responded by sharing knowledge from the world’s religions. Several days later, Alan heard an interview on Fresh Air Radio of Huston Smith, a renowned religious studies scholar and author of The World’s Religions. This interview made Alan consider the possibility that some of the world’s religions may have an origin of spiritual wisdom that came from the nine types.

Smith lived nearby in Berkeley, California, so Siska and Alan read his book and asked him if he would be willing to meet with them to share his knowledge. Soon afterwards, the three of them had a very pleasant lunch at a little cafe. Siska and Alan also had the pleasure of typing Smith in their newly developed nine-type system.

This meeting confirmed for Siska and Alan that there are some alignments between the spiritual wisdom of each type and the spiritual wisdom of the world’s religions.


The unexpected finding that each type had a spiritual foundation inspired Siska and Alan to add the word soul to type, so that it became Soul Type™, also known as Soultype, and they began to call their typing process Soultyping. It felt important to honor the profound nature and spiritual wisdom of humanity in this way, and to honor the importance of each of the Soultypes.

During the Soultyping process, Siska and Alan noticed a connection they described as soul-to-soul. The beautiful energy of this connection was profoundly strong and emanated the wisdom of the soul in a way that was unique and giving. This amazing energy could only be explained as coming forward from the soul, through the spirituality and then into the physicality.

Siska and Alan were also able to Soultype people by looking at videos, photographs, and hand gestures; by observing how a person used their eyes and the energy of their eyes; and by listening to a person’s voice. All of this needed to come together to be able to determine a person’s Soultype, so they often spent hours Soultyping a person they could not meet.

In order to support their students even more, Siska and Alan began to use music composed or performed by people of each of the nine Soultypes, and they played this music at their workshops to help people feel the creativity of the Soultypes. Music started to become an important part of their programs.


Inspired by their studies of ancient Egypt and their own discoveries, in September of 1999, Siska and Alan renamed their work New Equations, and later added the byline The Physical Expressions of the Soul. They chose ‘New Equations’ because of the correlations they were finding between the numbers assigned to the Soultypes by the ancient Egyptians, Sacred Geometry and the mathematics of the universe. They saw that all of life and its relationships have universal formulas, and that spirituality can be described with numbers. Their work brought to humanity a new way to understand and be aligned with the universe.

New Equations Logo registered trademark

Unity, in taking consciousness of itself, unfolds into a created multiplicity and thereby into the universe.

— John Anthony West, Serpent in the Sky – The High Wisdom of Ancient Egypt p. 66


HISTORY rainbow colors imageIn October of 2000, from her study of West’s and Schwaller de Lubicz’s books, Siska found that nine colors are aligned to the earth, to human physicality and to the spirituality of the universe, and she found that these colors also correlate with the nine energy centers. The energy of the colors aligned in a magnificent way when connected to the nine different Soultypes at the locations of the energy centers. Independently, the color for each Soultype has its own beauty, and together they create the rainbow.

This information gave Siska and Alan knowledge and wisdom about the gentle ways in which human beings can relate to each other, the magic that every individual soul presents, and that we all can relate to the universe – like the softness of the colors blending in a rainbow. In 2001 they published Embodying the Soul – New Equations for Humanity.

Soultype 1 light blue
Soultype 2 light yellow
Soultype 3 yellow
Soultype 4 orange
Soultype 5 violet
Soultype 6 green
Soultype 7 indigo
Soultype 8 red
Soultype 9 blue



By 2002, it had crystalized for Siska that the energy centers also functioned as Movement Centers. Years of observation had confirmed for her that people always initiate their movement from their Soultype’s energy center.

This was another important discovery that made it particularly fascinating for Siska and Alan when they watched people move in peak performances (athletes, singers, musicians, dancers, public speakers, etc.). Siska and Alan realized that the joy people feel when performing at high levels was because they were more connected with their soul. There was such beauty in those moments when the people they watched were able to stay in their pure soul alignment. Siska and Alan became even more eager to teach people about New Equations so they could be aware of these possibilities and choose to live life in a more creative state of being.

Siska produced videos showing clips of public figures moving from their energy centers to present at their workshops. These New Equations Movement Videos gave people the opportunity to see the powerful physical expressions of the soul.


New Equations history Platonic Solids ordered 1-5Alan discovered from his studies of The Temple of Man a relationship between the nine Soultypes and the Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids are five regular polyhedrons and are the only perfectly symmetrical solids (perfectly symmetrical arrangements of a set of non-planar points in space). Cosmologies have been developed from them by people such as Plato in his “theory of everything” treatise Timaeus, and Johannes Kepler created one, as well. Mathematics shows that all components of nature have an infrastructure made up of the Platonic Solids.

The Platonic Solids contain both Sacred Geometry, mathematic formulas and universal shapes, and they connect to all of existence in different ways. Each contains the energy of relationship and connection.

Alan identified that the existing correlation between each of the four Elements (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) and the Tetrahedron, Icosahedron, Octahedron, Hexahedron, also corresponded to Soultypes 1, 2, 3 and 4. He also correlated the Dodecahedron and the Quintessence with Soultypes 5 – 9. These important discoveries gave Siska and Alan new insights about the Soultypes and their relationships with each other, to the earth and to the universe.

Siska and Alan now had a greater understanding of the profound interdependence and importance of each of the Soultypes. They could see that the wisdom of all nine Soultypes created relationship, transformation and growth when functioning together. They realized that this is what creates oneness for humanity and alignments to the universe.

In September of 2003, Alan built models of the Platonic Solids to use in workshops and presentations.

Soultype 1 Tetrahedron Fire Relationship to the source
Soultype 2 Icosahedron Water Relationship to others
Soultype 3 Octahedron Air Relationship to the soul
Soultype 4 Hexahedron Earth Relationship to self


Soultype 5 Dodecahedron Transformation Brings connection to peace of mind
Soultype 6 Dodecahedron Transformation Brings connection to spiritual insight
Soultype 7 Dodecahedron Transformation Brings connection to new possibilities
Soultype 8 Dodecahedron Transformation Brings connection to the earth
Soultype 9 Dodecahedron Transformation Brings connection to the breath



Siska and Alan were continually looking for information that might help them understand their discoveries. In January of 2004, Alan began to read an English translation of the Tao Te Ching, an ancient Chinese text that was written at least 2,000 years ago (attributed to Lao Tsu, which means “Old Master”). Reading the Tao Te Ching was part of Siska and Alan’s continued exploration into the ways spirituality in the world around them might contain Soultype wisdom. When Alan read the first chapter, he was surprised because it reminded him of what he and Siska had found out about the spiritual nature of people who are Soultype 1. When he read Chapter 2, it reminded him of the spiritual nature of Soultype 2. Alan became intrigued and immediately looked at the last chapter and saw that the Tao Te Ching had 81 chapters. He knew that 81 was nine squared, which meant that the Tao Te Ching might dedicate nine chapters to each Soultype. After he and Siska read all 81 chapters they were certain that the Tao Te Ching was connected to the wisdom of the nine Soultypes, and that it had been written to help human beings develop from the soul.

Siska and Alan immediately took on the project of translating the Tao Te Ching from the original Chinese so they could pull out the most information possible from this amazing document. Learning more about the Soultypes from the Tao Te Ching was an extraordinary experience, and they wanted to bring to humanity everything about the Soultypes that the Tao Te Ching had to offer.

In early 2004 Siska and Alan published their translation, naming it The Way of the Action of the Soul. Another translation will become available in the Autumn of 2017. They also published in 2015 an updated compilation of their discoveries, calling it The Light With No Shadow.


In July of 2007, while Siska and Alan were leading a New Equations program in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, a participant told them that he knew of someone who had identified a group of nine specific frequencies and was adjusting the pitch of music to one of the frequencies. He had heard music played in this frequency and described how it felt in a beautiful way. As soon as Siska heard that there were nine frequencies she wanted to explore further. When they returned home, Siska did an Internet search that led her to research conducted by Wesley H. Bateman, a scientist and mathematician. In 1975, Bateman had begun a lifelong study researching the mathematic formulas of the universe and the Great Pyramid in Cairo, Egypt. He was also known for his connection to beings throughout the universe and was a consultant and resource for screenwriter/producer Gene Roddenberry, who incorporated Bateman’s knowledge into the Star Trek television and movie series.

HISTORY New Equations Wesley_Bateman photo

Wesley Bateman

Meeting Bateman was a life changing experience. The brilliance of Bateman’s scientific research gave Siska and Alan a foundation for new discoveries about the nine Soultypes. The three of them formed a special bond because of a mutual desire to help humanity move forward. Their friendship lasted until Bateman passed away in 2009, and he entrusted them with his research documentation.

The mathematics and formulas from the Great Pyramid that Bateman had discovered were remarkable. He not only discovered the mathematics used by the ancient Egyptians to build the Great Pyramid, but he also made calculations that show that the structure of the Great Pyramid is tuned to nine particular frequencies and that these frequencies resonate with the physics of nature and the spirituality of the universe. 

Siska and Alan began to research these nine frequencies to see if they might correlate with the nine Soultypes. Alan found two minor mathematical transcription errors and needed to correct two of the frequencies. Siska and Alan connected with musicians who were excited to experiment with playing music in the nine different frequencies. They met at a recording studio where they tuned and played music on keyboards in each of the nine frequencies. Siska and Alan experienced the results and impact in their bodies, which felt wonderful, and the frequencies seemed to vibrate with the nine energy centers. After additional research, including double blind studies, they confirmed the correlation between the nine frequencies and the nine energy centers.

The discovery that these frequencies related to the human body and the Soultypes expanded the foundation for the continued development of New Equations. Music converted into these frequencies supported the body through the nine energy centers in such a positive way. Siska and Alan began converting popular music from A = 440 Hz (the tuning for most contemporary music) into the frequencies for the Soultypes of the singers, composers or musicians featured in each piece of music, and introduced their new discovery by playing the music in their workshops and programs. Siska and Alan began to call these nine frequencies Body Resonant Frequencies.

Soultype 1  424.9 Hz  top of throat
Soultype 2  423.2 Hz  solar plexus
Soultype 3  424.1 Hz  top of sternum
Soultype 4  422.3 Hz  lower abdomen
Soultype 5  426.4 Hz  top of head
Soultype 6  424.0 Hz  center of sternum
Soultype 7  425.6 Hz  lower forehead
Soultype 8  421.6 Hz  sacrum
Soultype 9  423.8 Hz  between shoulder blades



By 2007, Siska and Alan had Soultyped thousands of people around the world. They had learned from their experiences that human beings develop from the soul, and that spirituality carries this growth into each person’s physicality.

Siska and Alan could see non-forceful movement, growth and expansion occur when they helped their students become stronger in the different Postures of Strength. This development was not linear, did not have an agenda, was different for each person, and was purely filled with calm creative energy.

They soon realized that what they were seeing was aligned with the growth of the universe, that universal growth was also contained within, and it was purely spiritual. This spiritual growth was manifesting in the physical body.

Alan had been introduced by Schwaller de Lubicz to a particular kind of development occurring in nature that follows the mathematical principles of phi, pi, and the Fibonacci Sequence. The development that was occurring for their students had strong similarities to what he had read, so Siska and Alan started to call this particular development phi growth. In September of 2007, Siska and Alan began to include an understanding of this life-giving and life-changing process in their workshops.


Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets at the Sphinx – 2009

In 2008, Siska and Alan contacted John Anthony West and together they planned a tour of ancient sites in Egypt. Siska, Alan, and many of their students spent the month of January 2009 visiting places such as the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, Luxor Temple, Saqqara, and sailing the Nile River. West enthusiastically shared from his vast store of knowledge.

They were excited about experiencing the Luxor Temple, the place where Schwaller de Lubicz had spent years doing his research for the comprehensive The Temple of Man that had been such an important resource for Siska and Alan. Schwaller de Lubicz’s work included his discovery that the Luxor Temple was built as a physical representation of the human body, aligning human spirituality to the universe. It was equally important to them to visit the Great Pyramid that Bateman had discovered holds wisdom of ancient Egypt and the nine Body Resonant Frequencies in its physical and spiritual structure. 

Exploring and researching ancient Egypt uncovered for Siska and Alan new wisdom and knowledge about the nine Soultypes.




HISTORY Luxor TEMPLE OF MAN entrance at night photo

Luxor Temple


Siska and Alan knew that each human being is born with one of the energy centers active – the one for their own Soultype – and that the other eight energy centers of a person’s body are dormant. During this trip they found a way to begin training their students to receive wisdom from all of the nine energy centers. This brought more spiritual balance and strength to each of the students. In January of 2015, Siska and Alan traveled back to Egypt to continue their research.




Being able to relate to other people and to the earth with knowledge from all nine energy centers creates a new state of being, creates a new consciousness, and gives us as human beings a way to relate to each other as One.

— Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets


As their research developed, Siska and Alan felt that the term ‘energy center’ did not adequately express the profound experience of expansion that occurs when one is in connection with the energy of these centers, so they changed the term ‘energy center’ to Spiritual Portal.

Every person is born with one of the nine Spiritual Portals active, while the other eight are dormant. The number for your active Spiritual Portal is your Soultype.

— Siska Tovey, Soultype 8, and Alan Sheets, Soultype 5


New Equations took an unexpected turn in May of 2009 when Siv Roland, a new student, contacted Siska and Alan and asked if they would be interested in hearing her play some music for them that she had composed using one of the nine Body Resonant Frequencies. It was very surprising to Siska and Alan that she would want to do this, because she lived in Norway and wanted to travel all the way to California in order to meet with them.

Siv, a conductor, pianist and choir director who had trained at the Norwegian Academy of Music and the Barratt Due Institute of Music, had conducted numerous live concerts, as well as many for television and radio.

This meeting marked the beginning of an extraordinary journey. From it arose a way of composing that is in alignment with the universe: Siv plays the solo instruments, choirs and orchestras on keyboards while she herself vibrates with the music of the universe; Siska aligns the music to the earth and the universe while creating the openness for it to happen; and Alan receives the music and holds it as a foundation for human beings.

Siska, Alan and Siv began to come together frequently to compose and record music. They produced their first CDs for sale in 2010. In 2012, they composed their first full symphonies. By early 2017, they had composed over 100 symphonies for the earth and universe, and had traveled to Japan, Egypt, Norway and Hawaii to compose, as well as throughout the continental United States. New Equations Music offers their music to listen to and purchase.

HISTORY New Equations Siv Roland playing keyboards photo

Siv Roland in concert – Norway – 2016














New Equations changed my life and expanded my relationship to music in a way I could never have predicted. Meeting the co-founders of New Equations, Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets, and learning about the nine Spiritual Portals, taught me how to receive what enhances us as human beings and supports everyone.

— Siv Roland, Soultype 7

Siska named their music New Equations Music – Evolving the Soul because it incorporates the mathematics, science and spirituality of their many discoveries. New Equations Music has always had a purpose, and each symphony is an evolution that gives people an opportunity to grow and develop.

  • New Equations Music symphonies are composed and played in the moment, recorded in one take, and are never rehearsed.
  • New Equations Music symphonies are played live only once – at the time that they are composed.
  • Body Resonant Frequencies are always used when music is composed.
  • A supportive and creative connection between your soul and the universe is there for you whenever you listen to New Equations Music.

In addition to using the Body Resonant Frequencies, Pythagorean tuning is also used when composing New Equations Music. Pythagorean tuning uses a relationship interval based on the ratio 3:2, also called perfect fifths. It originated from the Mesopotamian Temperament, which can be traced back to ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt. Pythagoras studied with keepers of ancient Egyptian spiritual knowledge and many believed they gave him the information about the tuning. He was credited for introducing this tuning to the Greeks in the 6th century, BC.

HISTORY New Equations Siska Tovey Alan Sheets Siv Roland NORWAY

Alan Sheets, Siv Roland, Siska Tovey 2016



For those in the audience, being in the magic of the energy when the music is composed and played is new, spiritual and unique. The concert happens in the present moment and the energy of the audience becomes part of the music. The music gently enlivens the Spiritual Portals for everyone. All people need to do is listen and the connection between the soul and the universe becomes available.





Using frequencies and tuning that are in harmony with the physical body helps people align with who they are and become more able to give and support the earth, humanity and the universe in a purely gentle way.

Through sound we align you to keys of the universe; our music introduces you to the frequencies and vibrations that are the physical and spiritual building blocks for growth and evolution.

— Siska Tovey


The information that West and Schwaller de Lubicz had presented in their books about the nine Forces of Nature (Neters) and the role they played in ancient Egypt became significant to Siska and Alan.

The nine Forces of Nature are spiritual energies that exist throughout the universe. Siska and Alan learned that through light, sound and color the Forces of Nature create life and evolution. The ancient Egyptians called them individually by the names Atum, Tefnut, Shu, Nut, Geb, Nepthys, Set, Aset (Isis), and Asar (Osiris), and they were numbered 1-9. Another word used by the ancient Egyptians for the nine Forces of Nature was Pesdjet, which means The Nine.

Each of these spiritual energies holds different qualities of human existence. They support spiritual and physical alignment through the soul, and support the evolution of all life. The Forces of Nature are connected to the Source of Creation through their very existence. With exquisite detail, Schwaller de Lubicz had documented the functions of the Forces of Nature throughout The Temple of Man.

Siska and Alan’s own research findings aligned with Schwaller de Lubicz’s research. In addition, they correlated the nine Soultypes / Spiritual Portals of the nine-part system they had developed with the nine Forces of Nature. This correlation identified for them the source of the non-forceful spiritual energy and strength they experienced in every person when being Soultyped, and also explained the distinct differences between the Soultypes that Siska and Alan had discovered through their research.

They were excited because this traced the origin of the numbering system for the Soultypes back to ancient times, connected humanity’s spirituality to the energy of the universe, aligned all of their discoveries, and created a profound foundation for humanity to develop together with the universe.


Many of Siska and Alan’s students had asked to learn more about their discoveries, and in April of 2000, Siska and Alan founded a training program. Everyone who joined their training eagerly wanted to learn how to Soultype. The fun and enjoyment during the first gatherings was inspiring and wonderful.

It soon became apparent to Siska and Alan that learning to Soultype was not easy for their students. They could see that it would require a new and different kind of spiritual training. Siska and Alan pulled together knowledge and wisdom from all of their discoveries, and uncovered a teaching process that made it possible for their students to receive knowledge and spiritual growth from the soul. Throughout the following years, both Siska, Alan and their students became clear about the extraordinary nature of the discoveries in New Equations.

In 2005, they established the New Equations Professional Training Program, and by 2009, it had grown into the New Equations Advanced Training Organization (NEATO). Siska and Alan’s teaching gave their students a deeper understanding of New Equations. Soon there were students who became New Equations Certified Teachers and were offering and leading New Equations workshops. Over time, the path for spiritual training became clearer, and they were excited that in 2015, Siv Roland learned to Soultype and became their first New Equations Soultype Instructor.

In addition to New Equations Certified Teacher Training, New Equations Assistant Teacher Training and New Equations Soultype Instructor Training, Siska and Alan created other types of programs, expanding the opportunities for people to learn about New Equations and the physical expressions of the soul.

man jumping between rocks









After years of research and discoveries, in the autumn of 2015, Siska finished creating a new structure for the organization, designing new programs and redesigning the websites. New Equations is always changing, and its structure is flexible so it can be aligned with the always-evolving universe.

New Equations has several ways for you to begin your journey. Our programs give you options for developing the magic of who you are so you can live in the physical expressions and wisdom of your soul.

— Siska Tovey, Director, New Equations Organization

Welcome to New Equations!