Jenna Tovey

Jenna Tovey

Jenna Tovey

Communications Manager


New Equations Certified Teacher, social media manager, web designer and developer. Jenna is a Soultype 2 and founder of Heal Balance Protect.


  • New Equations Certified Teacher
  • Graduate, New Equations Professional Training Program
  • Social Media Manager, New Equations and New Equations Music
  • Website Design, New Equations and New Equations Music
  • Website Development, New Equations and New Equations Music
  • Founder, Heal Balance Protect
  • BFA Acting, Chapman University

Jenna is the website designer and developer for both the New Equations and New Equations Music websites. She also manages the New Equations Music Store. After hours in front of the computer Jenna likes to spend time climbing.

Jenna is the founder of Heal Balance Protect. She was born knowing how to work with energy, and in 2016 she became a New Equations Certified Teacher. Jenna works with many people, helping them heal and experience the magical wisdom of New Equations. Jenna lives in Los Angeles, California where you’ll find her in looking for the best pizza and hoping it will rain soon.

New Equations has changed my view of the world. I am able to relate to others, myself, and the energy in the world in a much more profound and joyful way.

Healing & New Equations Programs

When I got up and started walking and moving around my house I felt very very different. It was big. The space around me and in me was new and different. It felt like the space of limitless expansion. I could feel the impact of the work you had done. It was beyond amazing. I feel free, joyful, energized and focused and I wanted you to know about this.

—Laurel Avery, Soultype 7