Movement Centers


Movement Centers™Drawing of the New Equations Spiritual Portals and Movement Centers locations

The nine Spiritual Portals also function as Movement Centers. The spiritual energy that comes through a Spiritual Portal/Movement Center shapes the body’s movement in many ways. Some examples of this: the Spiritual Portal is where a person’s movement begins; there is often more movement in the area of the most active Spiritual Portal; a person often draws more attention to the area of their Spiritual Portal through the use of jewelry or hand gestures.

If you have been Soultyped then you will know which of the nine Spiritual Portals / Movement Centers is the one from where you naturally and easily move. However, the focus of New Equations training, practices, and education, is to
integrate the wisdom of all nine Spiritual
Portals into one’s body, rather than to
focus on one’s own most active Spiritual
Portal. You do not need to be Soultyped to
learn to integrate all nine.

Learning how to move from all nine Movement Centers takes a great deal of focus, practice, and training, but can be fun to try. Programs and practices offered by the Soultype® Portal Identification and Education Service, the Postures of Strength™ Training and Development Service, and the New Equations Advanced Training Organization, expand and develop the Spiritual Portals, which in turn enhances the ability to move from the Movement Centers.

Videos of people moving from the Movement Centers.