NEATO Level 3


In NEATO Level 3 you may choose between three possible paths for your continued training:

  • New Equations Certified Teacher path is for those who would like to become qualified to teach. This path is required to progress to the New Equations Certified Soultype Instructor training in NEATO Level 4.
  • New Equations Creative Soul path is for those who wish to find new, creative ways for humanity to develop through the wisdom of the nine Soultypes and help humanity begin to develop from this new state of being. This path is required for progressing to the New Equations Spiritual Research path in NEATO Level 4.
  • New Equations Lights path is for those who would like to stay closely involved in NEATO but feel the timing is not yet right for the intensive training that is included in the New Equations Certified Teacher and New Equations Creative Soul paths. By staying involved in this program, you continue to be supported by New Equations and NEATO.



New Equations Certified Teacher

The New Equations Certified Teacher training builds on the foundation you developed in NEATO Levels 1 and 2. You will focus on your own spiritual journey and your ability to support others without force from the neutrality of knowing your own spirituality. By enhancing your spiritual strength in all of the nine Spiritual Portals, you develop the ability to strongly stay in the Postures of Strength and Spiritual Postures; you will be guided to find your own unique way of achieving this ability.

Becoming a New Equations Certified Teacher requires a deep spiritual awareness and physical embodiment, and you will learn to teach from this profound way of being. Upon successful completion of NEATO Level 3, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification.



This work is a way of being which supports continuous self-growth, self-awareness, and for me has developed a deep sense of the need to serve others. — Kathy, Soultype 6





New Equations Creative Soul

New Equations The Floor with Four Lights Symphony Image

The New Equations Creative Soul training builds on the foundation you developed in NEATO Levels 1 and 2. This path of NEATO Level 3 develops your ability to use your wisdom and unique gifts in a more conscious and creative way, and can be immediately applied to anything that is important to you, such as your relationships, career choices (medicine, athletics, psychology, coaching, acting, bodywork, professional singing, writing, painting, etc.), and other activities, such as sailing, reading, golf, hiking, swimming, etc.

The New Equations Creative Soul program trains you to lead and move from the creativity of your soul. You will continue to develop your nine Spiritual Portals and your own Soultype as you become more conscious of your soul and the souls of others. Your training can be used in all aspects of your life and becomes a foundation for expanding yourself and inspiring others. In this way, you help humanity begin to develop from this new state of being.




I was afraid New Equations wouldn’t be practical enough to be useful in my daily life, but I’m using it to connect more deeply with current and prospective clients and – guess what – my business is growing! — Laurie, Soultype 5





New Equations Lights

New Equations Light NEATO program illustrated by people holding the earth

The New Equations Lights program gives those who have completed Levels 1 and 2 a wonderful opportunity to be a member of NEATO indefinitely without committing to more intensive training. By staying involved in this program, you continue to be supported by New Equations and NEATO, and have the option to apply at a later date to the other Level 3 pathways (New Equations Certified Teacher or New Equations Creative Soul).

New Equations Lights keeps you in close connection with the NEATO community, the New Equations cofounders, Soultype Instructors, and gives you training opportunities not available to others.

Every person in the New Equations Lights program contributes to New Equations growth through the magic of being who they are.




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NEATO TRAINING LEVELSA Flowchart showing the progression of NEATO Levels