NEATO level 4




NEATO Level 4 offers three paths:

  • New Equations Soultype Instructor path which is a training open to those who have become New Equations Certified Teachers.
  • New Equations Spiritual Research path which is open to those who completed the New Equations Creative Soul program.
  • New Equations Certified Teacher Continuation path is a next step for a New Equations Certified Teacher if they wish to stay active and qualified to teach, but do not wish to continue on the New Equations Soultype Instructor path.



New Equations Soultype Instructor

New Equations History page Alan Sheets teaching at CTI Leadership Soultype 3

The New Equations Soultype® Instructor path builds on your New Equations Certified Teacher training. This path prepares you to teach as you hold humanity, earth, and the universe, with your soul so you can learn to Soultype. Once you have learned to Soultype, your connection to all nine Spiritual Portals™, together with your spirituality as a human being, helps you appreciate and see everyone from their point of view. Your ability to Soultype comes from an expanded awareness that you can give to people.

The ability to Soultype is new for human beings; reaching this level is a purely organic process that does not follow a structured timeline, yet requires training, practice, and dedication. When the time is right, you will receive a Certificate of Qualification as a New Equations Soultype Instructor. 


There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it is going to be a butterfly.  — Richard Buckminster “Bucky” Fuller 1895 – 1983




New Equations Spiritual Research

Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets in Front of Sphinx

The New Equations Spiritual Research path gives you the opportunity to actively bring your soul wisdom to humanity in an expansive way through collaboration with others who are also deeply living and working in service of all. Your participation in New Equations Spiritual Research builds on your NEATO Level 3 Creative Soul experiences and continues to bring forward your own unique gifts.

New Equations Spiritual Research focuses on constant growth and change. Your collaboration with the New Equations cofounders and Soultype Instructors will expand your ability to focus on spirituality and growth, and develop your ability to align your wisdom in a conscious and practical way.

You will be a part of bringing a new understanding to humanity about how to live and develop in alignment with the universe.


Now, I actually understand with both body and mind what it means to move from a spiritual inner to a physical outer. But most of all, I am almost shocked to record that the body itself knows what this means. My physical body simply acts in accordance with the nine Spiritual Postures without the need to direct it from the brain. Very spectacular! — Jon, Soultype 1







New Equations Certified Teacher Continuation

Alan Sheets Teaching New Equations Students sitting in a circle

Upon completing your New Equations Certified Teacher training, you are qualified to teach many of the New Equations programs. The New Equations Certified Teacher Continuation program gives you the opportunity to continue expanding and developing as a teacher and maintain your teacher qualification.

You will be involved in New Equations program development and bring forward your unique gifts. You will be qualified to take the New Equations Soultype Instructor training when or if it feels right for you.



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