New Equations Advanced Training Organization


Siv Roland with her arms out joyfullyThe New Equations Advanced Training Organization (NEATO) was founded in 2009 by New Equations cofounders Siska Tovey and Alan Sheets. In 2015, after 21 years of research and discovery, Siska developed a new pathway for Professional Spirituality™, which is outlined in the four NEATO Levels linked below.

Professional Spirituality™ has infinite possibilities and can go many directions. NEATO helps you open up to your unique path, spiritual gifts, and expand the knowledge of New Equations spirituality within yourself. In a new way, you become in service to yourself, others, the earth and the universe. Freedom within the structure of each NEATO Level includes you as a proactive part of your own development and training.

NEATO is the only organization worldwide that offers training in New Equations concepts and practices. NEATO gives you the opportunity to be certified by New Equations cofounders for each level.


A Flowchart showing the progression of NEATO LevelsNEATO TRAINING LEVELS


For more information or to register: email or call us in the USA at 1-415-459-6796