New Equations Movement Videos


New Equations Movement Videos show people of each of the nine Soultypes moving from their dominant Spiritual Portal.

The human body has nine portals and every person is born with one of the nine portals more dominant than the others. This creates a distinct difference between us as human beings because people consistently move only from their dominant portal. Hence, the portals are also called Movement Centers. For example, some people move from the dominant portal / movement center that is between the shoulder blades, and some move from the dominant portal / movement center that is at the top of the head.

A person’s dominant portal / movement center influences all of the ways in which their body moves, including the ways in which their eyes move and focus, their facial expressions, muscle tone, walking, posture, and the way they move their hands, arms, and legs.

At the same time, each Soultype expresses a different spiritual energy that comes from their soul. This spiritual energy is huge and is always in service of oneself, humanity, the earth, and the universe. Each video shows people of the same Soultype bringing forth their spiritual energy.

New Equations gives people experiences and knowledge about all nine Soultypes because knowing about all nine makes life more real, expansive, and provides the opportunity to constantly develop.

Since their discovery of the Soultypes in 1994, Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey have observed that the Soultypes appear to be distributed evenly around the globe.

The music in each video is original New Equations Music (New Equations Music Website).

Soultype 1s moving from the top of the throat.

Soultype 2s moving from the solar plexus.

Soultype 3s moving from the upper sternum.

Soultype 4s moving from the lower abdomen.

Soultype 5s moving from the top of the head.

Soultype 6s moving from the middle of the sternum.

Soultype 7s moving from the forehead.

Soultype 8s moving from the sacrum.

Soultype 9s moving from between the shoulder blades.