New Equations Soultyping Videos


New Equations Soultyping videos show Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, the cofounders of New Equations, working with people to discover their discover their Soultype.

Soultyping aligns the body and soul, and a person’s spiritual strength becomes easily visible. It is without force and contains pure spiritual energy, which always creates growth. Each person’s spiritual strength becomes easily visible through their Facial Expression of Strength and Posture of Strength. Spiritual strength is stronger than physical strength. The people in these videos are experiencing this strength for the first time. 

The music in each video is original New Equations Music.

Portal 1 – Top of the throat
The beauty of our spiritual nature (unimaginable, spiritual, creativity)

Portal 2 – Solar plexus
Resonating with others (responsive, bright, lifting)

Portal 3 – Upper sternum
Experiencing your essence (gentle, caring, heart)

Portal 4 – Lower abdomen
Engaging with yourself and others (neutral, stillness, ease)

Portal 5 – Top of the head
Synchronizing the two halves of your brain (humility, alert, peace)

Portal 6 – Middle of the sternum
Receiving spiritual energy (soft, warm, alive)

Portal 7 – Lower forehead
Hearing your soul (unlimited, expansive, potential)

Portal 8 – Sacrum
Growing (dynamic, light, wide)

Portal 9 – Between the shoulder blades
Breathing (fulfilling, flow, balance)