New Journey for Individuals

Welcome to New Journey for Individuals!

spring-flowers bright colored flowersThis program is the first half of the NEATO Training Level 1

  • 9 private sessions with a personal NECT or NECSI mentor (minimum 1 week of practice between sessions)

It is designed to give you a conscious foundation of your own spiritual journey using the nine Spiritual Portals. You will develop the spiritual tools you received as you prepared to be Soultyped and receive new tools.

New Journey for Individuals helps you live a spiritual life using the nine Spiritual Portals and be creative from the wisdom of your soul. Using your new tools will bring you and others calmness, ease and growth.

Those who complete the New Journey for Individuals program have the option to join NEATO and complete Level 1.

The pace at which you work is your choice.

PrerequisiteYou have completed the 12 week Soultype™ Portal Identification and Education Service program and / or know your Soultype.  

If you were Soultyped before August 2015, you will need a two hour introduction to the program before you begin (an additional mentor fee).

Program Length: Nine private sessions. You may decide how often you meet with your mentor, as long as you have at least a week of practice between each session.

Mentor: We will connect you with a New Equations Certified Teacher who will guide and support you. 

Certificate: After you finish the program you will receive a New Journey for Individuals Certificate of Completion 

Registration Fee: $250 (non-refundable) Once you register, your mentor will contact you within a week. If you decide to join NEATO and complete Level 1, you will not need to pay the registration fee for the NEATO training.

Mentor Fee: The mentor fee varies depending on country, state or province.

For more information or to register: email or call us in the USA at 1-415-459-6796, or contact a New Equations Certified Teacher.