Nine Forces of Nature


The nine Forces of Nature are spiritual energies that exist throughout the Universe. Through light, sound and color, the Forces of Nature create life and evolution. Each of these spiritual energies contains different qualities of human existence. They support the spiritual and physical alignment through the soul, as well as the evolution of all life. The Forces of Nature are connected to the Source of Creation through their very existence. Each of the nine Spiritual Portals / Soultypes is connected to one of the Forces of Nature.

You have a soul that was created by the Source of Creation. Your development and expansion comes from the pure gentle light of your soul. Spirituality arises from the soul. These two things – your soul and your spirituality – always have the same shape, no matter what kind of physicality you have.

The nine Forces of Nature help you connect to the Source of Creation through your soul. From that place you move forward in the beauty of yourself, the magic of the universe, and the constant creativity of the Source of Creation.

  • New Equations gives you a way to align yourself to the Forces of Nature.purple abstract swirly image
  • New Equations Music supports all nine aspects of this journey for you.

In ancient Egypt the Forces of Nature were called Neters, and they are individually called Atum, Tefnut, Shu, Nut, Geb, Nepthys, Set, Aset (Isis), Asar (Osiris). Another word they used was Pesdjet, which means The Nine.