Portal 3 – Soultype 3


Sparkles Through the Soul – Portal 3

Experiencing Your Essence
– gentle – caring – heart –

Click the playbar to listen to music for Portal 3 – Soultype 3 as you feel the soul’s strength from the faces in the photos and read the words. Portal 3 is at the top of your upper sternum (breast bone), one inch from the top of the bone.

The 3 spiritual energy is used by your body to focus your attention on your spiritual essence. When this portal is open and activated, your sternum is lifted and your eyes are focused and bright.

For some people this portal is open and activated from birth, and this is where all their bodily movement begins. We call these people Soultype 3s.

When this portal is open and activated, you can focus on your spiritual essence and you will be guided by its knowledge and wisdom. Then, when you focus on others, you can see past their persona to the core of their being, and feel their spiritual essence. You can feel how it brings a sense of gentleness and caring for yourself and others. This will bring a feeling of warmth to your heart and a smile to your face. You can then live your life so that your soul plays a bigger role and you have the opportunity to focus on your spiritual growth.

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