Portal 5 – Soultype 5


Clear Colored Light – Portal 5


Synchronizing the Two Halves of Your Brain
– humility – alert – peace –

Click the playbar to listen to music for Portal 5 – Soultype 5 as you feel the soul’s strength from the faces in the photos and read the words. Portal 5 is at the top of your head where the soft spot was when you were a baby.

The 5 spiritual energy is used by your body to keep the two halves of your brain synchronized with each other. When this portal is activated, your spine is gently stretched upward, and your facial expression is calm and neutral.

For some people this portal is open and activated from birth, and this is where all their bodily movement begins. We call these people Soultype 5s.

When this portal is open and activated your synchronized brain will help you achieve a state of mental peace where you can be alert to the spiritual knowledge and wisdom that are the foundation for all that is physical. This will allow you to build an internally consistent map of reality based on your own personal experiences. To have a sense of what you know and at the same time a sense of the vastness of what you do not know gives you a humble experience. You will then be able to create an ever-changing map of your reality by fitting your new experience into what you already know. You will become aware of how every new experience changes what you perceive to be true. When portal 5 remains open, your mind is at peace so you can move forward as a spiritual being.

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