Portal 7 – Soultype 7


Limitless Expansion – Portal 7


Hearing Your Soul
– unlimited – expansive – potential –

Click the playbar to listen to music for Portal 7 – Soultype 7 as you feel the soul’s strength from the faces in the photos and read the words. Portal 7 is at your lower forehead just above your nose (the third eye).

The 7 spiritual energy is used by your body to pause and reset your internal dialogue. When this portal is activated, your forehead is slightly tilted forward and your whole body creates a straight line from the forehead to the heel.

For some people this portal is open and activated from birth, and this is where all their bodily movement begins. We call these people Soultype 7s.

When this portal is open and activated, you can turn your attention to the inside of your brain, to the nerve bundle that connects your two hemispheres called the corpus callosum. With your attention is focused there, your internal dialogue can turn off for a while and you achieve a state of no thought. This opens you up to the unlimited expansive potential of your soul because you are then able to hear its spiritual messages. When your attention is on your corpus collosum your internal dialogue can turn off and reset itself. You can only hear and be with its wisdom when your internal dialogue has been reset and you stay in a state of no thought. When portal 7 remains open your soul can help guide you in your spiritual evolution.

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