Portal 8 – Soultype 8


Physical Light – Portal 8


– dynamic – light – wide –

Click the playbar to listen to music for Portal 8 – Soultype 8 as you feel the soul’s strength from the faces in the photos and read the words. Portal 8 is at your sacrum (the flat bone just below your spine).

The 8 spiritual energy is used by your body to grow and develop from the light within you, aligned with the spiritual dynamic earth and the universe. When this portal is activated, your hips and lower body are strong and grounded, and your facial expression is firm and watchful.

For some people this portal is open and activated from birth, and this is where all their bodily movement begins. We call these people Soultype 8s.

When this portal is open and activated, you can feel the connection between yourself, the earth, and the universe. This relationship makes you feel more alive as it creates a heightened sensitivity to all of your body’s sensations. You are more conscious of the light in your cells which act as the foundation for you to spiritually grow. From this place of heightened sensitivity, you will be able to support your body’s growth and development. You will be able to have a wider awareness of your physical integrity, and experience your own movement. When portal 8 remains open, you can be a part of your own spiritual evolution, aligned with the earth and the universe.

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