Portal 9 – Soultype 9


The Breath of Colored Light – Portal 9


– fulfilling – flow – balance –

Click the playbar to listen to music for Portal 9 – Soultype 9 as you feel the soul’s strength from the faces in the photos and read the words. Portal 9 is at your spine between your shoulder blades.

The 9 spiritual energy is using the breath to bring alive and vital spiritual energy to every cell of your body. When this portal is activated, your shoulders are slightly back and your chest is open. Breathing is full and deep, and your facial expression is peaceful.

For some people this portal is open and activated from birth, and this is where all their bodily movement begins. We call these people Soultype 9s.

When this portal is open and activated, it gives your body and your cells a more harmonious way to work together. You can be in balance with yourself and be at one with everything around you. This allows you to more easily flow with the ever-changing nature of life and of the universe. Spiritual energy functions without using any force. This lack of force will help keep your body in a relaxed state of being. You can minimize any tight areas or restrictions in your body by simply focusing on them as you gently breathe into them. When portal 9 remains open your breath keeps your body healthy and puts you into a state of being where you can flow with your own and the universe’s spiritual development.

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