Spiritual Portals and Soultypes


Spiritual Portals™

Nine specific locations in the body, called Spiritual Portals, have a one-to-one correlation with the nine Body Resonant Frequencies™ (New Equations Music Website) and the nine Forces of Nature. The Spiritual Portals are related to the chakras, a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’ or ‘center’ and refers to seven major spiritual energy centers of the body. New Equations cofounders Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey found two additional Spiritual Portals, increasing the number of major energy centers in the body from seven to nine. The drawing shows you where the Spiritual Portals are located.


From birth, every person lives with one of the nine Spiritual Portals active, while the other eight function very little. Depending on which Spiritual Portal is most active in a person’s body, a person can be placed into one of nine groups. These groups are called the Soultypes, and are numbered to identify which Spiritual Portal is most active in a person’s body: Soultype 1 (portal 1), Soultype 2 (portal 2), Soultype 3 (portal 3), etc.

The Soultypes also correlate one-to-one with the Postures of Strength™.

Portal 1 – Top of the throat
The beauty of our spiritual nature (unimaginable, spiritual, creativity)

Portal 2 – Solar plexus
Resonating with others (responsive, bright, lifting)

Portal 3 – Upper sternum
Experiencing your essence (gentle, caring, heart)

Portal 4 – Lower abdomen
Engaging with yourself and others (neutral, stillness, ease)

Portal 5 – Top of the head
Synchronizing the two halves of your brain (humility, alert, peace)

Portal 6 – Middle of the sternum
Receiving spiritual energy (soft, warm, alive)

Portal 7 – Lower forehead
Hearing your soul (unlimited, expansive, potential)

Portal 8 – Sacrum
Growing (dynamic, light, wide)

Portal 9 – Between the shoulder blades
Breathing (fulfilling, flow, balance)

 New Equations Spiritual Portals and Movement Centers image