Postures of Strength

New Equations Postures of Strength drawings by Siska Tovey



New-Equations-Spiritual-Portals-386x536The discovery of the nine Postures of Strength by New Equations cofounders, Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, was the seminal discovery from which New Equations developed.

The discovery of the Postures of Strength occurred hand-in-hand with their discoveries of the Soultypes, the Soultyping process, the nine Spiritual Portals (seven portals correlate with the chakras), Facial Expressions of Strength, and the Movement Centers.

The Postures of Strength correlate one-to-one with the Spiritual Portals, Facial Expressions of Strength and Movement Centers.

Click on the Posture of Strength links above for more information and videos for each Posture of Strength.

We are each born with the ability to naturally be strong in one, and only one, of the Postures of Strength. The other Postures of Strength are unfamiliar to one’s physicality and spirituality.

Your Soultype is determined by which of the Spiritual Portals is your primary one. Your Soultype supports your spirituality and physicality from birth up through death’s transition. Your Soultype does not change at any time during your lifetime.

Although human beings are born with only one active Spiritual Portal, New Equations provides the opportunity to develop all of the Spiritual Portals. This life enhancing experience is part of our New Equations Advanced Training Organization. Expanding in this way opens doors to many new possibilities.

New Equations also offers the opportunity to be Soultyped so that you can find out which of the nine Postures of Strength is yours. This process helps you to tap into a spiritual strength that is stronger than your physical strength. Aligning to your spiritual strength makes it possible for you to become spiritually and physically responsive in the Posture of Strength that is yours as your primary Spiritual Portal becomes stronger.

These changes are physically demonstrated during the Soultyping process. For example, if you are strong in the 1 Posture of Strength, then you will stand with your chin slightly lifted to open the region of Spiritual Portal 1 at the throat, and you will make soft eye contact; if you are strong in the 7 Posture of Strength, then you will stand in a position that puts Spiritual Portal 7 at your forehead most forward.

Although the Postures of Strength look easy to stand in, you need a highly qualified facilitator (New Equations Soultype® Instructor) to become spiritually and physically aligned in each of them. Then your spiritual strength comes forward to support you. Click here for more information about the training to become qualified to Soultype.

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