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New Equations Music

Through sound we align you to keys of the universe;
our music introduces you to the frequencies and vibrations that are
the physical and spiritual building blocks for growth and evolution.

Listening to New Equations Music helps you expand and guides you to the wisdom of your soul and your nine Spiritual Portals.

To begin your New Equations journey, go to the link below and listen to music samples, our streaming music, or go to our Shop to buy your own selections:


NEW EQUATIONS Practice On Your Own Spiritual PosturesNew Equations Spiritual Postures

The nine Spiritual Postures from New Equations are new for humanity. Doing the postures, together with our music from A New Dawn Symphony (Music Website), gives you the opportunity to receive energy through your nine spiritual portals.

Doing this practice gives you alignment and strength. You will become more balanced, calmer, stronger and more giving to yourself and others.

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New Equations Practice On Your Own Portals and Soulypes Chakra womanPortals and Soultypes

If you want to learn more about the Spiritual Portals,  Soultypes, Postures of Strength™ and other New Equations discoveries, go to:


New Equations Videos Practice On Your Own Siv RolandVideos

Our videos give you an opportunity to witness the present moment when New Equations Music is composed, to see New Equations Soultyping, and to take a look at the ways in which people of different Soultypes move.