Siska Tovey, Cofounder of New Equations



Siska Tovey

As the Director and Cofounder of New Equations, Siska Tovey, Soultype 8, has been researching the physical expression of the soul for over 20 years. In 1994, she and Alan Sheets made the pioneering discoveries of the nine Soultypes®, Postures of Strength®, Movement Centers™, Facial Expressions of Strength™, and they developed Soultyping®. Siska has dedicated her life to helping people learn about the magic of the physical expression of the soul and how to use this wisdom in service of humanity. She teaches internationally and has Soultyped thousands of people worldwide.

Siska cofounded the New Equations Advanced Training Organization, a program for those who wish to become New Equations Certified Teachers. New Equations also offers other programs that help people learn to use the wisdom of their soul and become more deeply aligned with their spirituality.

Siska was born in San Francisco, California, USA. As a child she moved often with her parents, two brothers and two sisters, to cities in the United States such as Seattle, New York and Baltimore. During this time she learned how to adjust to different environments and people. She took on a variety of jobs that came her way, such as business and restaurant management, interior design, and she was hired to open a chain of restaurants.  Siska has used art (painting, figure drawing, graphic design, ceramics, metal arts) to express herself from when she was very young. She has always felt that life, the earth and the universe, continually offer more to explore and experience.

Her curiosity in how the body expresses itself, and desire to help people make positive life changes, drew Siska to explore different ways that the body functions. She researched bodywork, including the Rosen Method, Hellerwork, Rolfing and the Feldenkrais Method, and then trained and became certified in Aston-Patterning, a comprehensive form of therapy that includes soft tissue mobilization, movement training, fitness coaching and ergonomics calibrated to the body’s unique patterns. She also trained in sports such as Racketball and Squash to feel the body’s physical movement. All of this developed her ability to see small physical movements and make changes in movement patterns to help people eliminate pain. In addition to her own private practice, Siska did Aston-Patterning in a physical therapy clinic in Marin County, California. Later she and Alan together opened a clinic where they offered physical therapy and alternative modalities for over 10 years.

Siska and Alan were married in September of 1990 and their research collaboration began while on their honeymoon. In 1993 soon after the birth of their daughter, they began holding weekly study groups in their living room so they could focus on researching what makes people happy and the ways in which people express love. In addition to study group meetings, they worked with people privately and also brought people of the same type together in small groups. Their study group was open to anyone interested in attending, but there were also ‘regulars’ who attended most meetings, including of course their new baby. Siska and Alan’s original discoveries were made while working with this study group.

During their years of research and development in New Equations, Siska and Alan have made connections with many wonderful people and also with beings from the universe who are supporting the consciousness of the soul through the nine Forces of Nature.

In 2009, Siska, Alan, and conductor / musician Siv Roland of Norway, came together as The Sound Aligners. They create music that aligns the body’s spirituality with the spirituality of the universe which helps people move forward in a peaceful way. Their music is created in the magic of the present moment; in other words, the music is not planned, arranged, rehearsed or composed prior to a concert when it is heard for the very first time, because every note is manifested at the very moment it is played. Their music arrives from the universe as a full and complete composition, is recorded in one take, and is never played again live. The Sound Aligners travel worldwide presenting New Equations Music concerts.

Siska creates the album art for The Sound Aligner compositions. She also is a website designer and developer for New Equations and New Equations Music.

In 2018 Siska and Alan’s book Nine Forces As One Movement – The Universal Presence will be available, together with their new translation of the Tao Te Ching.

Siska currently resides in Northern California, USA.

Music is the universal language. Vibration, sound and music, are the building blocks for all existence. I connect with vibration, sound and music in the universe, and help to bring new music from the universe to you. The music is composed in the present moment in alignment with the universe and the nine Forces of Nature to help with humanity’s transformation and evolution.

The Body Resonant Frequencies™ in the music we compose vibrate through a person’s spirituality into their physical body, and then the physical and spiritual bodies become more aligned. From that spiritual physical place, through the present moment of the soul, expansion and development appears.

Through music and alignment I help people live in the physical through their spirituality, in harmony with the beauty and breath of the universe.

— Siska Tovey

  • Director, New Equations®
  • Cofounder, New Equations®
  • Cofounder, New Equations Music®
  • Co-author, Nine Forces As One Movement – The Universal Presence
  • Co-author, The Tao Te Ching – A New Translation
  • Cofounder, New Equations Advanced Training Organization
  • Cofounder, Self Care Center Physical Therapy
  • Certification, Aston-Patterning®
  • Founder, Tovey Management and Bookkeeping Services
  • Executive Director, Bay Medical Research and Education Foundation
  • Teaching Assistant, University of California San Francisco, Child Care/Study Center
  • General Contractor and Manager, The Great Freeze restaurants