Discover Your Soul, Change Your Life


Sounds crazy right?

I mean, your soul is most definitely on a spiritual plane … how could you possibly experience it on a physical plane?

That’s what we thought too … but then 23 years ago we discovered a long-forgotten ancient doorway that connects the spiritual and physical realms.

We all know that connecting with your soul will change your life.

So many people spend their lives searching for answers, trying to get to the core of who they are…

Maybe that’s where you are right now, trying to figure out why you are here and to TRULY know your soul purpose in this physical world we’re living in.

For some of us, not understanding our soul means we are struggling to connect with our loved ones, feeling unfulfilled in our work, and wondering what’s missing that has us feeling like there must be something more out there. For others it manifests as a deep knowing that there is more out there for us but we don’t know how to connect with it.

We’ve used this ancient doorway to guide our clients to physically bring forward their own unique Soultype.

Through research we have discovered that there are nine unique Soultypes, and every person is born with one particular Soultype that never changes.

Each Soultype brings different and magical gifts to the world and learning to use the gifts of your Soultype results in magnificent ripples of change throughout your life!

You now have the opportunity to begin a new Soul Journey.

If you so choose, you will be able to get in touch with the core of who you are – your soul – which is true beauty, light, and peace.

This Soul Journey will allow you to open doors you didn’t realize existed, gain new tools to understand yourself, create a life of infinite possibilities, and most importantly, you’ll get to know yourself.

For 23 years, Siska and I have spent every moment researching the soul. We have been able to develop concrete tools to guide you in your Soul Journey – not just abstract exercises or ideas.

You can expand and utilize the amazing gifts that you are born with and naturally bring to the world. You will be able to strengthen and even repair relationships with people you love, and find new levels of happiness that perhaps you had forgotten were possible.

This Soul Journey is for you.

Beautiful connection, love, and peace supports the world, and when you live your life from your soul the creative and developing energy that comes from your Soultype becomes giving to you, those around you, and the universe.

Linda Costa

I remember when I was Soultyped, it had an absolutely life altering effect on me. And I knew then that it was something that I needed to pursue.

Linda Costa
New Equations Assistant Teacher

Each Soultype brings different and magical gifts to the world and learning to use the gifts of your Soultype results in magnificent ripples of change throughout your life.

Mike Fricke

The first changes I noticed were with my kids and wife - it’s just less and less stressful and easier.

Mike Fricke
Physical Therapist

Benefits of a Soul Journey with Alan...

  • Experience that your spirituality is stronger than your physicality; your body experiences more ease, and you will have more peace of mind.
  • Find joy within yourself, making you able to live a less stressful life.
  • Have new knowledge and tools to help you strengthen your relationships with the people you love.
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Going on a Soul Journey
is a spiritual experience
that changes your life.


Kaja Magnussen

I have started to relax more, be happier within my body, and that gives me more freedom.

Kaja Magnussen
New Equations Certified Teacher

I will take you on a 12 session Soul Journey. These sessions happen at your own pace. This means you can schedule these sessions whenever is best for you.

In the first session I will give you an experience of all nine Soultypes, as well as unique soul exercises that can’t be found anywhere else.

The next 10 sessions you will receive more in depth learning and experiences about the nine Soultypes.

In the last session you will be Soultyped – a magical experience of your soul that you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

Siska Tovey

Alan will give you a spiritual and soul to soul connection. Because of who he is, and what our discoveries are, he is able to create an environment for your soul to come forward. He purely relates to who you are – your soul, your spirituality, and your physicality. His gentleness brings your spiritual strength together with your physicality. Your Soul Purpose journey creates a new balance in your whole being.

Siska Tovey
Leader and Cofounder of New Equations
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Welcome to your Soul Journey, I hope to see you soon!


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