Soultype® Portal Identification and Education Service

A drawing of a woman with the nine energy centers shown

Spiritual Portals

The New Equations Soultype Portal Identification and Education Service provides you with the unique, once in a lifetime experience of discovering your most active Spiritual Portal. This service is available worldwide only through New Equations. The pioneering discoveries made in the Fall of 1994 by New Equations cofounders, Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, of the nine Postures of Strength, Soultypes, Facial Expressions of Strength, Movement Centers, two additional Spiritual Portals, and the Soultyping process, provided the foundation for New Equations and made the Soultype Portal Identification and Education Service possible. The New Equations Soultype Portal Identification and Education Service and other New Equations Programs, offer the education necessary to develop your body’s nine Spiritual Portals so that you can expand in alignment with yourself,  humanity, the earth, and the universe.  

The ability to use all nine of your Spiritual Portals creates a balance within you so you can resonate more from your soul and your spirituality. This education gives you tools to continue to develop.

Discovering your Soultype – the Soultyping process identifies which of the nine Spiritual Portals is most active in your body. Soultyping is offered by New Equations cofounders Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey, or Siv Roland, who is a Certified Soultype® Instructor.

New Equations Certified Teachers prepare you for the profound experience of being Soultyped. They are members of the New Equations Advanced Training Organization. They will work with you in person when possible, or through video conferencing over longer distances.

Listening to New Equations Music while doing New Equations practices brings to you the sound and frequencies that are the foundation for your development. Hundreds of music samples are available to listen to for free on the New Equations Youtube channel. The full-length pieces are available to purchase in our Music Shop. It takes many years to achieve the knowledge, awareness, and presence, that is necessary to be able to Soultype and become a Certified Soultype® Instructor. This specialized training is an on-going spiritual journey that is available through the New Equations Advanced Training Organization (NEATO). Our first Soultyping Instructor graduated in 2015 and works together with Alan and Siska in the New Equations organization. A Certified Soultype® Instructor is able to Soultype because they can resonate with the Spiritual Portals for all Postures of Strength and bring the spiritual strength forward without force. This ability is new for human beings and currently takes many years to develop and become certified. When a New Equations Certified Teacher is in training to become a Certified Soultype® Instructor, either Alan Sheets or Siska Tovey is always present during the Soultyping process in order to confirm the Soultyping result. Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey work closely with the international team of New Equations Certified Teachers to research the process of Soultyping and further develop the Soultype Portal Identification and Education Service