Hanne Kristin Rohde“My body receives guidance from my soul, not “just” my brain. I am constantly becoming more whole”

Something happens. I grow. At the age of 53 I am blossoming. Spiritually. This is so big. This is magic. This is the soul that has begun to get a bigger place in my life. I listen to New Equations Music and in a short amount of time I am filled with new energy. I listen in the car, on the train, in the airplane, and home. Something happens. I can not explain with the words I already know, but training in New Equations with Siv Roland shows the way to something that is bigger than my physical body. This is no miracle cure. This is about making yourself available in everyday life, even where everything has become materialistic and scientific. I have missed my soul. I have always known that it was there somewhere. Now I am giving it room. In return I receive my inner core, what is me. I stand more solid. I experience less pain, less stress. My body receives guidance from my soul, not “just” my brain. I am constantly becoming more whole.

Hanne Kristin Rohde
Norway 2015

Fabian Rohde Testimonial picture“I’m a different human being, I am myself”

I have changed so much during the last four months with the New Equations Practice and New Equations Music. Six months ago I was that guy who almost never talked when there were more than five people around. I couldn’t stand being “in the middle of the group”. Today is a whole different story. I have so much more confidence. I know who I am and it’s like other people see me in a different way. I’m not just another body in the living room any more. New Equations Music is so different from any other thing I know. Just by listening to the music I can feel the energy changing me. It lights up the room I’m in and gives it a whole new glow of spiritual energy. I listen to the music every day. When I wake up in the morning and do my morning routine, when I’m on my way to work, I even take a short break at work so I can listen to the music. It’s so relaxing. I can’t imagine a life without New Equations! I’m a different human being, I am myself.

Fabian Rohde
Norway 2015

Kathy McLauchlan “This work is a way of being”

I first experienced the work of New Equations in 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Understanding the importance of the nine Spiritual Portals and an opportunity to explore my understanding of my own personal energy fills me with a strong desire to practice and deepen my understanding of the power of this work. Since 2007 I have practiced and attended workshops which continue to inspire me in my life and strengthen self-knowledge. I have grown in confidence and calmness, and I have stretched myself in my life in ways I never thought possible. This work is a way of being, which supports continuous self-growth, self-awareness and for me has developed a deep sense of the need to serve others.


Kathy McLauchlan
Portugal 2015

Mike Fricke

“New Equations is an incredible, indescribable spiritual work that helps me become the best person I can be!”

I have been a part of the New Equations spiritual practice since 1999. During this time of involvement, I have witnessed and experienced many changes. As the work has evolved, I have also evolved. What I mean by this is that I have changed my way of being in the world that is noticeable in all aspects of my life (i.e. family relationships, work, wife, children, friends, health, fitness, etc.).

Several years ago there was a major evolution in the practice of New Equations. New Equations Music was introduced to our personal practices. We now had a way when we had completed the in-person work with our teachers at retreats, to keep the transformation moving forward. There had been always a step forward when working in retreats with our teachers and participants, but nothing to sustain the learning when we went home. With the introduction of New Equations Music, we could keep having the energy experiences that were created at the retreat when we got home. This has been a huge leap forward!

I am an experience-based learner and need physical evidence of changes that are occurring in my life. I have had many experiences that I refer to as discontinuities that support my beliefs. Happiness and inner peace are huge values of mine and these ways of being continue to expand in length of time throughout my day. New Equations is an incredible, indescribable spiritual work that helps me become the best person I can be! It will be a part of my life for the rest of my life!!

Mike Fricke
Minnesota, USA 2015

Mona Rabl testimonial photo New Equations Music

“…a nameless harmony and peace to the soul”

I can say for sure that the amazing work with the nine forces of nature/archetypes of ancient Kemit they are remembering and the beautiful music they are composing brings a nameless harmony and peace to the soul. It is a powerful connection 🙂




Mona Rabl
Cairo, Egypt 2015

Avril Somerville testimonial photo 150x180px“I’ve been able to stay more calm and have clarity of thinking”

New Equations is an ongoing process of self evolution which is a conscious choice. Each morning (and sometimes evening too) I take myself to a quiet space and work with the states of awareness from Portals 1 – 9, and instantly as a Soultype 8, that allows me to ground myself and stop feeling pulled in lots of different directions with no root focus. I have a tendency to drift and be ineffective in my thinking otherwise, and this can lead to stress and a feeling of powerlessness. I have found that I’ve been able to stay more calm and have clarity of thinking these past few weeks, which has felt like a rock for me through some very tough times.

I have recently also been working with New Equations pictures and New Equations Music, to help me support my son Jake who is a Soultype 3. My goal is to help him understand the world with the knowledge of what it means to be a Soultype 3.

Thank You Team New Equations!

Avril Somerville
United Kingdom 2015

Reidun Roland photo testimonial 150x180px

“New Equations Music gives me such peace”

New Equations Music gives me such peace, and at the same time the pauses in the music are so important – it’s like there is something the music would like to say to you in the pauses, but I can’t find the words. This music is not from this world!




Reidun Roland
Norway 2015

Paul Scott Testimonial“…this will work well with my clients in Reiki Healing sessions”

I discovered the New Equations Music website very recently and have experienced very profound states of peace and relaxation. I feel this standard of music will work well with my clients in Reiki Healing sessions and also would recommend it to any holistic therapists wishing to create an ambiance with a very professional touch of music.



Paul Scott
United Kingdom 2014

Robyn Piper“Seeing the positive effect on my kitties, I honestly feel that the music is healing”

Thank you! I really feel that this gift of your music makes a difference. At this point in my career, I’m only accepting new clients with babies that have medical, special and/or hospice needs. These babies are especially vulnerable and fragile and greatly benefit from New Equations Music. Seeing the positive effect on my kitties, I honestly feel that the music is healing. That’s a huge gift.



Robyn Piper
California, USA 2014

Megan Eiselt“…whenever I listen to New Equations music while running on the treadmill – I cannot run in a way that ends up causing pain”

Thank you so much for this! The music is so lovely! [Circles of Breath – Portal 9]

I listened to it this morning while I ran 10 miles on the treadmill. It was such a restorative run! This is a very magnificent piece! It is indeed in my life at the perfect time! Thank you!!! I have it playing now, while I write a paper.

I should iterate what a big deal it was to have a restorative 10 mile run –

A. I have been nursing some right side of the body (back, hip, knee) issues so had to back way down to 30-40 min. runs for 2 weeks!
B. I learned treadmill running is tricky to do well in a way that is not injurious.
C. There are very few things that are safe to listen to while running because often times the music (or TV show) take you out of your body.
D. This is not the case whenever I listen to NE music while running on the treadmill – I cannot run in a way that ends up causing pain – I am too aware of my body and know how to move it in a way that seems restorative, even in the late miles.
E. This 10 miler was after a 9 mile Friday, 19 mile Saturday, and 4 mile Sunday.

Running is such a freeing activity for me, so you can only imagine my excitement when I find something that seems to support the aspects of the sport that can ultimately cause a lot of damage.

Megan Eiselt
Minnesota, USA 2014

Lynn Hull

“…this has enormous potential for pets in places where they are unnerved”

Yesterday we had a day of storms, strong lightning and thunder that just echoed around and around. One of my curly coated retrievers, fondly known as Teapot, was for some unusual reason disturbed by this. He could not settle and was panting. He just wanted to be petted and cuddled. I knew it was the weather that was troubling him (I did wonder if he was presaging that the roof was going to fall in or something!).

I had to leave him and get on with my work and it suddenly occurred to me to try the music. I chose Sparkles Through the Soul – Portal 3, from the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony. He amazingly settled down in a corner near to the music, stopped panting, and relaxed – even though there was no visible change in the weather nor was the music so loud that it made the weather noise inaudible. This lasted some time. I turned the music off and soon there was an enormous thunder clap and he started up again. I repeated the process and he settled.

Put with the experience Clare had with Milo, I think it’s clear that for those dog/cat lovers amongst us, this has enormous potential for pets in places where they are unnerved. As it’s coming up to Halloween and Bonfire night – lots of noise and fire crackers – I’ll certainly be posting a link to the music on Facebook for my doggy people.

Lynn Hull
France 2014

Laurel Smith“…infinite possibilities for creation”

With your music I could keep going with infinite possibilities for creation. I stayed with the music because I found it to be very powerful and truly takes me to depths and different nuances of feeling.




Laurel Smith
Illinois, USA 2014

Hillary Werhane“My cat is usually not very affectionate…Yet when I play the New Equations Music so she can hear it, she inevitably will demand to sit in my lap and be pet”

I own a dog and a cat and also spend a lot of time around horses.

When I’m home or driving in the car, I listen almost exclusively to New Equations music. For the last few months I have been listening mainly to the Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony. It’s interesting to notice how this music affects my pets. When I play the music so the animals can hear it, my dog inevitably comes to me and lies down near me (he usually favors his bed, which is not in the room where the music is played.) He’s a very active 4-year-old Weimeraner and rarely lies still except at night. When I play the New Equations Music, he will lie down at my feet for a long time with a very peaceful look on his face. He doesn’t like it when the music stops and when it does, he gets up abruptly and leaves.

My cat is usually not very affectionate. She likes to lie on her cat perches by the windowsill and tends to stick to herself. If she wants attention, she will usually lie near the person she wants attention from, but not too close—arm’s reach is her favorite distance. Yet when I play the New Equations Music so she can hear it, she inevitably will demand to sit in my lap and be pet. Sometimes, if I play the music for a long time, she will even curl up in my lap and fall asleep. Her sleep is very quiet and peaceful as long as the music plays. When the music stops, she too gets up abruptly and leaves.

I have not had the privilege of playing New Equations Music in front of horses or in a horse barn, and I hope to have the opportunity to do that in the future. What I do notice is remarkably different behavior in the horses depending on what music I was listening to prior to working with the horses. In other words, if I listen to NE music on my way to the barn and turn it off right before reaching the horses, they become very calm and quiet when I connect with them. They relax when they see me, and seem content. On the other hand, if I don’t listen to the New Equations Music prior to working with the horses, they are a lot more agitated, herd bound, and restless when I do reach them in person. I have experienced this calming effect the New Equations Music has over and over again for the past six months. My co-workers have noticed it too, and the owner of the horse rescue where I volunteer has purposefully asked me to work with the horses in the evening, as I seem to be able to create an atmosphere of calm and peace amongst the horses that settles them very nicely for the night (the owner is not aware of New Equations Music and knows nothing about it.)

I have, on many occasions, activated my soul strength (I am a Soultype 9) around the horses, in particular when there is a challenging situation and the herd is agitated or excited or uneasy. When I go into my -9- and breathe deeply, the horses immediately calm down, relax, and help me lower the frenetic energy level in the herd. It’s a remarkable thing to experience.

Hillary Werhane
California, USA 2014

Patricia Tovey

“…New Equations Music is one sign of hope”

I have always had a strong awareness for beauty in life. Little did I know that, when approaching age 86, there would be not just the world’s fierce and ongoing complications, but rather, many newly realized powers available to all of us via our newer, younger generations.

Former President Eisenhower quoted HG Wells: “History is a race between education and catastrophe.”

Out of much in science along with other valuable knowledge that is being discovered, learned and emphasized today, New Equations Music is one sign of hope that civilization is not totally losing, into catastrophe, but, rather has growing power into educational strength — from “not the love of power,” but “the power of love.”

Patricia Tovey
California, USA 2014

Mary Spain“…an inspirational delight”

Thank you! What an inspirational delight (Walking with Earth at Sunrise from Cosmic Human Symphony)! I also had the pleasure of experiencing in advance the three minute extracts from each of the ten movements of the Cosmic Human Symphony. Nor was that all – fascinated by this new musical world, I read with great interest of the three composers, and how they play together, guided entirely by spirit – it was a new and wonderfully resonant experience and one that left me feeling strengthened and empowered – I even think it did my head good. Oh yes, and I nearly forgot, what an incredibly powerful and unforgettable cover photo for the music.


Mary Spain
United Kingdom 2014

Birgitte Christensen“Working with the music on a regular basis, and intensely before performances, has opened my voice and made it richer, and helps me to be more present on stage”

There are so many things I could have written about my journey with Siv Roland of New Equations that I almost don´t know where to begin – but, never in my life have I worked with music that has come to mean so much to me! The music silences the noise in my head that makes me doubt who I am and limits what I can do. The music opens the whole ME so I can go into my tasks with body and soul and not focus on what might go wrong. Training with Siv and New Equations Music brings me an inner peace that also enables me to see other people better.

The music makes me feel more a part of something bigger than myself.

Working with the music on a regular basis, and intensely before performances, has opened my voice and made it richer, and helps me to be more present on stage.

Birgitte Christensen
Norway 2013

Gwen Mendelssohn

“Soon she pulled back up towards me and asked if she could go to bed…..not something you hear often from a 4 year old!”

I am particularly enthralled with the new music and the Spiritual Portal practices that you have created. It has been wonderful to witness the reactions of my children, Thomas (10 years) and Anna (4 years), and drop you a note as I believe it may be helpful in conveying the potential of the music to others.

My daughter Anna’s first experience of New Equations Music was at the end of a particularly busy day at nursery. The nursery had been holding a Halloween party and Anna arrived home rather hyper and full of chatter! I had just got hold of some of the music and I put it on, interested to see whether it would have any impact on her. I wasn’t prepared for the instant change it brought about….Anna immediately climbed up onto my lap and cuddled in. It was almost as if the music gave her permission to stop and breathe. As she became calmer, she leant backwards and threw her arms back towards the ground (a position that has always been really comfortable for her). I held her like that for several minutes and her eyes closed. Soon she pulled back up towards me and asked if she could go to bed…..not something you hear often from a 4 year old! More recently I have put the music on and watched her dancing. You can tell that she is experiencing the music within her body as her movements become so graceful….it is truly wonderful to witness such freedom of expression.

My experiences with my son Thomas are similar but different. Thomas is confirmed as a Soultype 5 – and so I decided to put music for Soultype / Portal 5 music on one evening. We stood side by side and listened. As I connected up, I could sense Thomas’ body responding in the same way. He closed his eyes and seemed transported to a place of calm. My daughter entered the room and started jumping on the bed and singing….however, Thomas did not seem to notice……he was able to maintain complete focus and wasn’t pulled. I felt truly honoured to see and feel him in this way….a precious insight into the expression of his soul.

I am attaching a shot of Anna that night as she lay back on my knee. I was working my phone with one hand, hence it’s not the best set up…but I was lucky to even have it to hand! It was a spur of the moment thing and I just wanted to capture something of the stillness.

I am looking forward to seeing Alan in the UK in June…and I believe you will be dialing in to the session that is planned for the children on the 12th. It will be lovely to say hello “in person”….

Best wishes,

Gwen Mendelssohn
United Kingdom 2013

Siv Charlotte Klynderud“It is beautiful beyond measure”

I have often sought to find peace and balance in meditation music. The music from New Equations however is different. It is beautiful beyond measure, and it takes you places. It goes through the body with an energy that feels like like tiny, fizzy, shimmering bubbles. I’m sorry – I have no other way of explaining it. It is an amazing gift really, and I am forever thankful and extremely humbled to be a part of this – if only as a mere listener. I believe in my heart that this music is a portal into the soul, where we can access truth and enlightenment. Where we can travel on beams of light and evolve as human beings. Where we can grow. I feel so lucky and blessed to have been introduced to this amazing wonderment.

Thank you – all of you, for this amazing gift you have given us. Your music will be a steady part of my life from here onwards.

Siv Charlotte Klynderud
Norway 2013

Espen Arntzen“I expand as a human being when I connect with my soul”

New Equations and New Equations Music has taken me back to my body. It has changed my physicality but also my attitude towards other people. It has made me realize that people are different. It makes it possible for me to actively bring in the energy into a situation that a person needs. Even without being Soultyped, I feel more confident about myself. If everyone learned about New Equations we would be able to see each other. I expand as a human being when I connect with my soul.



Espen Arntzen
Norway 2013

Marianne A Sletten“…clear away some of the mental chaos”

New Equations Music and practices have really helped me to see my own potential both physically and mentally. This work has helped me to clear away some of the mental chaos I often put in the way of my own development. By using the simple practices I have become more present in my own body and mind, which helps me at work and in relation to the people around me.



Marianne A. Sletten
Norway 2013

Jon Frang Mostad“Such a transforming experience had never before thrilled my heart”

Music moves humanity for joy and pleasure – but only New Equations Music transforms the soul!

From the very moment the sound waves of the New Equations Music touched me, I asked – “Is this music? –  This has to be something else…?” Such a transforming experience had never before thrilled my heart.

New Equations Music is a divine sound compilation beyond my perception of what music can be and how the Source of Creation can manifest through pure beauty and come to essence in the physical world.

Music moves man
New Equations Music thrills the soul of man.

From the very moment I entered the audio room
of this paradigmal new perspective of sound,
I asked myself is this music…?
If so, I have to speak about the “Music that has been”
and the “Music that will come.”

New Equations Music is a divine compilation of sound that
transforms my energetic body
and supports my meditation in a way that
I have never known before.

My advice to you –
stop, relax and let New Equations Music take care of your transformation
in the sound of Source.

Jon Frang Mostad
Norway 2013

Marianne Kronkvist

“…the subjects of my exam came to me with ease

My experiences with the music after I started using it daily have been outstanding. The first experience I had was the day before my exam – I got nerves and could not remember anything. I put on The Breath of Colored Light – Portal 9 from Nine Movements in Harmony Symphony – and walked around the room in Soultype 9 position and the subjects of my exam came to me with ease.

During hiking in the woods, I have also had nice experiences with the same music. Although I have gone the same way many times, with the music, the woods looked new to me. It was like the nature showed me its true face.

The music brings me behind the illusion of life. It gives me clarity, it gives me support, and a direct connection with the place inside of me that is full of love and peace.

Marianne T. Kronkvist
Norway 2013

Kristine Hasund“I sleep so much better during the night”

Ohh…I just feel I can breathe so much better
when I listen to the Portal 9 music – it is like my lungs become so much bigger – it is like I am in a pyramid that is just so big and filled with air. I sleep so much better during the night when I use the music.



Kristine Hasund
Norway 2013

Laurie Phillips

“My business is growing”

Attending the Awakening the Nine Within workshop really helped me see where my blocks to being with other people are, and gave me some fun and easy tools to work with those blocks. I was afraid the work wouldn’t be practical enough to be useful in my daily life, but I’m using it to connect more deeply with current and prospective clients and — guess what — my business is growing.

I just wanted to let you all know how profoundly helpful the latest music has been for me. I play it all day long on my computer as I’m working and it helps me get through tasks that I’m usually quite resistant to doing. I especially play the Portal 4 music over and over while keeping the photos of the people propped within my line of vision.

Thank you again for all the effort I know went into making this glorious music.

Laurie Phillips
Minnesota, USA 2013

Jeff Linzer“…so many beautiful connections”

The workshop really was ecstatic and sublime for me. Since 1970 when I had my first soul-to-soul experiences, my life has been about connecting deeply. Alan Sheets and the approaches of New Equations have moved me very deeply. I thank you so much for including me into your profound community. I had so many beautiful connections, many giggles of ecstasy as Beings connected. Alan embodies such a mellow and profound mastery of these levels that he operates on an entirely new level entirely—and I appreciate him immensely. It was wonderful to spend the day with him and Siska, and your spiritual family.

Jeff Lindser
Minnesota, USA 2013

Kaja Magnussen“…if I need to recover from stress…I use the music”

I notice how the music helps me stay more responsive and reactive to situations. And if I need to recover from a situation that putts me off, stress or difficulties the best I could do to get back on the path is to use the music. The music also helps me to sleep and totally relax my body, calm my mind and fill up my body with new spiritual energy, so I can have integrity in my body so my physical body can learn from my soul.



Kaja Magnussen
Norway 2013

Danette Olsen“…an all-encompassing feeling to me of being lightened and grounded”

My experience with New Equations is difficult to describe because there is an all-encompassing feeling to me of being lightened and grounded as well expanded and focused. After being soul typed in 2011, I felt that I had a new birthday!  Knowing my soultype allows me to call upon my natural strengths and purpose, allowing me to be more effective in everything I do.  Knowing my partner’s soultype helps me better appreciate his gifts and his perspective.  Practicing the other eight types helps me be closer to others and see more clearly how our mutual energies can serve any situation. The New Equations teachers are supportive, wise, always learning and sharing.


Danette Olsen
Minnesota, USA 2013

Hillary Werhane“…somehow I found myself able to be in a very open heart space with each person, to hold them and support them where they were.  In this way I helped Kelly’s transition be as easeful as possible”

When we as humans interact with other people, we can’t help but notice how different people are.  All of us have things we love, things we hate, things that excite us, things that scare us.  We have experienced life in a myriad ways and through different circumstances.  Often we want to be like others and at the same time we don’t understand each others’ differences.  We are baffled or annoyed when someone is not like us or doesn’t understand us.  We want to connect with others and can’t figure out why we are misunderstood.

New Equations has helped tremendously with the conundrum of trying to understand other human beings.  We are all different, immensely different at our soul level.  With this knowledge, we can clear misunderstandings; we can begin to grasp the motivations, desires, fears and loves of others.  We can relax in our differences, we can embrace who we truly are.  And in doing so, we can connect with others on a deep level.

Once I discovered my soultype, I could let go more easily of ego, I could overcome shame, fear and disappointment more quickly.  Now I had a roadmap: using physical practices, I could connect with my soul.  When I did this, I felt an inner strength much more powerful than my sheer physical strength.  The more I practiced, the more I developed a deep inner knowing of myself.

Using my body and physical practices, I can tap into my soul, and I can draw from the source of creation.  Coming from my soul, I can be in a place of neutrality, openness, gentleness, kindness, slowing down, vulnerability.  From this place, it is much easier to connect with others, to receive them, honor them, be compassionate and neutral. I can be open to whatever comes next, I am much more willing to step into the unknown, the NOW.

My personal experience: my sister’s illness and passing.  Kelly died on June 30, 2010 at the age of 45, after fighting breast cancer for seven years.  She left behind four young children and a wonderful husband.

One thing that happens when you connect with your soul on a regular basis is that sometimes, you get messages that you must follow.  I felt compelled to visit Kelly in March 2010 after a New Equations retreat.  I had seen her and her family at Christmas three months prior and the news was not good:  Kelly had exhausted all possible treatments.  The cancer had spread to her liver and her brain and there was no treatment available to combat that.  When I got the “call” in March, she reluctantly agreed to have me visit her:  Kelly was tough, independent, and did not want people around her who felt sorry for her or didn’t share her optimism that she was going to overcome her illness.  She was very protective of her environment and her family.

As my mother said to me months later, “there was a reason why you were sent to Kelly in March.”  And my mother is neither very religious nor open to learning about New Equations.  When I arrived at Kelly’s side, she was quite ill and having trouble breathing.  Within two hours, I had driven her to her doctor and on to the hospital where she was admitted for several days.

I had planned to stay for three days and ended up staying for ten, taking care of the four children and visiting Kelly as often as I could at the hospital, then helping her transition home.  She desperately wanted to go to Florida with her family for spring break.  She knew that it would be her last vacation with her family and she did not want to ruin it for everyone by having to cancel the trip.  She willed herself to be well enough and left for Florida on the same day I flew home.

This first visit turned into several:  we began a family rotation to help Kelly.  My mother would spend a week with her, then my other two sisters would rotate in, and I would take my turn again.  What I soon discovered was that my visits marked a time of significant transition in Kelly’s journey toward her passing.  The New Equations work, the ability to connect with my soul through physical practices, gave me a strength, an openness to be present with what was going on at that moment, and to be as neutral as I could, so I could help Kelly and my family with the circumstances.

Kelly learned quickly that she could depend on me to understand her, to be with her without judgment. I was not afraid of where she was going and that gave her immense relief.  She counted on me to communicate her circumstances with others and to gently let them know what that meant. For example, when Kelly returned from her trip to Florida, she started having seizures.  Her husband and my mother, not willing to face the implications of this development, insisted that she try to go back to work.  So, from my soulstrength, from a place of gentleness, neutrality and vulnerability, and a knowing that Kelly needed by unwavering support, I asked Mom and my brother-in-law (Jerry) to see that Kelly would not be returning to work.  I helped Kelly communicate with her employer and prepare for her last visit to her office.

I guided my sisters, my mother, Jerry, the children through the phases of Kelly’s departure from this world. And it is hard to say “I” because it was my soul and the connection with it that guided me and led me to guide others.

It was an immensely sad and challenging time. I was very close to my sister and she had always been there for me, supporting me in good times and in bad.  My mother lost a wonderful daughter, her husband an amazing life partner, the children the best Mommy one could ask for.  And yet, when I went into my soulstrength or accessed one of the other eight as I felt circumstances required, somehow I found myself able to be in a very open heart space with each person, to hold them and support them where they were.  In this way I helped Kelly’s transition be as easeful as possible.

Since Kelly’s passing, I have continued my personal journey with New Equations and strengthening my ability to access all nine energy centers.  In doing so, among other things, I have helped build a strong community around Jerry and the children as they fill the void that Kelly’s death left in their lives.

Without New Equations, I honestly don’t know how I would have made it through this difficult time, or any other I have encountered over the past few years.  New Equations has enabled me to help myself, which in turn allows me to help others.   I believe that is the definition of making this world a better place for all of humanity.

Hillary Werhane
California, USA 2013

Mike Rivard

“I look forward to the driving, because I have two of your CDs”

I have been out to western Minnesota, to my home town.

In all the new snow.

Hanging out with my former classmates–Class of 1960, indeed.

I look forward to the driving, because I have two of your CDs.

I actually listen to them everyday.

Car radio, bah!

I listen very carefully to your left hand.

To me, that’s where the music gets most interesting.

I have a newer Volkswagen, with good speakers, and very good bass speakers.

I am a little tired in a three-hour drive, but I am refreshed.

Thanks for your music.

Mike Rivard
Minnesota, USA 2013

“There were several times I felt as if I was peering into their soul – it was remarkable”

This was the best New Equations event I have attended. The discovery and history of New Equations was very interesting. People’s responses in our connections while looking into each others’ eyes was interesting – I was surprised at the similarity and that there was a pattern as this happened with five or six people. And when we focused on each other and looked into each others’ eyes, there were several times I felt as if I was peering into their soul – it was remarkable.

Minnesota, USA 2013

Nancy Monahan testimonial“…warm words, long hugs, and good energy flowing among us”

Helping my brother and sister-in-law pack up their kitchen yesterday went much better than expected. I put the New Equations Music CD on as soon we arrived, and after 15 minutes of standing in the kitchen, my sister-in-law stopped talking and said, “What’s that sound?”

“It’s music for packing,” I said. “Calming packing music.”

“Oh,” she replied, “that’s just what I need.”

Her stream of words stopped. We began to pack their dishes and, for the next 3 hours, we three worked remarkably efficiently and harmoniously, putting the entire contents of their kitchen and breakfast area into boxes. When we left, there were warm words, long hugs, and good energy flowing among us. Tomorrow Becky and I are driving to Madison to spend two days helping a friend sort through the possessions of her partner of twenty years, who died unexpectedly this spring. Guess what CD we’ll bring along?

Nancy Manahan
Minnesota, USA 2012

Mary Hanson and her daughter“As her mother it is heartwarming to find ways to help Emily be the best person she can be”

As Emily’s mother, I am always seeking ways to help Emily live her best life despite her many challenges.  I feel New Equations is helping us to understand Emily’s essence and to bring this awareness to people in her life.  After I attended a New Equations workshop Alan Sheets and Siska Tovey agreed to attempt to soultype Emily.  They were able to clearly determine that Emily is a soultype 3.  They explained that people who are soultype 3 thrive from direct, engaged, positive interaction with people, are able to help people feel their own unique gifts and inspire positive outlooks in others.  Alan and Siska showed how to help Emily activate her natural area of strength through positive interaction and conversation and direct eye contact (which is not my natural way to interact).  When Alan placed his hand over the top of Emily’s sternum I could see her face glow with a look of peace, joy and love.  She said she could feel her heart “pulsing” which was a word I had never heard her use.

We are using the experiences and information we are learning through New Equations to help Emily control negative behavior by giving her soul what it needs to thrive.  We are learning how to help her caregivers use the knowledge to interact effectively and to enable and empower Emily to fulfill her life’s purpose and goals.  As her mother it is heartwarming to find ways to help Emily be the best person she can be and to find a process that recognizes the strengths, value and abilities of all types of people.  I know Emily has many challenges but also she has great love and ability to bring out the best in others.  New Equations is providing a way to understand and achieve this.

Mary Hanson
Minnesota, USA 2012

Juliet Platt

“…and it has helped to create a special atmosphere for our journaling practice”

As a journal writing coach and workshop facilitator I’ve used the Body Resonant Music as a background for guided meditation and reflective writing exercises during the journaling sessions I lead. It has proved a real hit with participants and has helped to create a special atmosphere for our journaling practice.


Today I held my long-awaited journaling to music workshop using Stillpoint (Portal 7) – Music from Sumiralux. I wrote a meditation to go with the first couple of tracks and the effects were amazing. Bearing in mind that none of the participants knew anything about the Soultype 7 energy centre [portal], one lady said she had never felt her mind so calm and still, and another person described actually wanting to move forward from the third eye during the meditation.

We shall be reconvening to work with music for the other portals. They all felt that the body resonance was a key difference between the music you are creating and other recorded music. Now there are people asking me all about the music and wanting to get hold of it.

Juliet Platt
United Kingdom 2012

“…seeds of interest, opening, and desire for exploration”

Your presentation planted lots of seeds of interest, opening, and desire for exploration. We’ve had plenty of presenters come to Aslan Institute, and we’ve appreciated them all. But you were so professional and easy to be with that I know we all walked away with open hearts and curious minds – a wonderful way to be.

Thank you for your kind gifts – we’ll be passing the CDs around to all the providers so they all get a chance to listen and spend more time with those if they’d like to.

Please keep Aslan Institute in mind in the future, as we certainly will with the wonderful work of New Equations. I hope we can not only refer people to one another, but perhaps find a way to collaborate on something in the future.

Thanks again to all of you – you’re welcome back any time!

Martin Lahn
Minnesota, USA 2012

“It was incredibly insightful to understand Kay’s soultype and for her to understand mine”

Kay and I feel very blessed to have been a part of such a beautiful experience with the New Equations Foundations Multiple Birth Research.  It was a profoundly enlightening experience and we truly felt like we were surrounded by Angels (all of you!).  It was a very loving and genuine experience to feel the oneness with soul and to have the connections we had with everyone there, including the other twins.

We have always felt very blessed to be twins and feel that there is a reason we came in together.  We “walk” together even when we are not together physically.  It was incredible insightful to understand Kay’s soultype and for her to understand mine.  It was so enriching it is even hard to put into words.

We send our deepest and sincere thanks to you, Alan Sheets, Siska Tovey, and the entire team.

Kim Lambert and Kay Zimmerie
Minnesota, USA 2012

Carolyn Beeley“Thank You”

Thank you for your work. Thank you for helping me be more of me.

Lots of love and light,



Carolyn Beeley
Massachusetts, USA 2012

Arisa Victor“It was actually a thrilling experience, in a deep, practical kind of way”

This is very important work, extremely helpful for knowing oneself in relation to others, and appreciating our similarities and differences. The body tells the truth about a person. New Equations brings that truth forward through simple exercises that reveal ones Soultype. Doing these exercises empowers you and helps you appreciate yourself and all humanity.

 Alan is a remarkable teacher, inspired and modest, powerful and gentle, insightful and kind. Together with his wife, Siska Tovey, they are the co-founders of New Equations. This couple is birthing a new, very practical awareness of humanity’s spiritual potential and the nine places where that potential is located in the body. 

If you want to empower yourself and open your heart, take a New Equations workshop. You will be glad you did.

Arisa Victor
California, USA 2011

“The communication was from a deep place of soul”

On Sunday, I had one of the most profound experiences of my life — and I must say, I have been gifted with many incredible experiences in my life. I participated in a workshop with New Equations. They are at the Essex Center for 11 days with attendees from many corners of the world. Being Soultyped gave me a breadth of understanding about my soul journey in this lifetime. I am a Soultype 8; one who manifests things into existence. Among other passions, integrity is one of the gifts that I bring to the world.

During that Soultyping Workshop, I shared space with 36 of the most present humans that I have ever witnessed. The communication was from a deep place of soul: the conversation was slowed down with a deep place of sourcing. I witnessed each person being Soultyped with the sacred awareness of ‘coming home’ to one’s self. Almost like the birth of a new life into the world. I began to sense each soul fly free into the upper world, while floating above their human being in total harmony — with self and with the Divine. Then, after flying free for a while, returning to the center of the person with the deepest sense of love and self. Profound. How might this work in discovering one’s own soul journey, intersect with the collective souls for the transformation of collective souls and a New World? How might in catalyzing Soultyping throughout the world — seed global transformation? How might the Collective Framework you have presenced combine with the individual in harmony with the collective? Many questions to ponder in my highly analytical mind — and to more appropriately sense into with my intuitive self.

Susan M. McHenry
Massachusetts, USA 2011

“I use these exercises every day, especially when I feel a little sad or am very stressed”

When I needed it most, I heard about the New Equations Practices. I was in the middle of a carousel with my job, was tired and had experienced the death of a close family member. I learned the basic steps to keep me on the path. I use these exercises every day, especially when I feel a little sad or am very stressed.

Norway 2010

Aud Nordgård“Now I don’t have to worry”

One would think that it is impossible to make any changes to a woman of my age. I have undergone several courses and eventually I have such improved to cope with people who I feel “invaded” me. I now manage to keep a certain distance from them emotionally. This has been very helpful for me. This method has taught me to see the person more for who they are and to read body language and reaction patterns. Now I don’t have to worry again when I meet strong personalities, but quietly consider the situation there and then.


Aud Nordgård
Norway 2010

“…no drama”

Alan is very authentic and can help folks arrive at a very deep place in themselves….no drama, no pretense, all very natural.

New York, USA 2010

“You will learn how to access parts of your physical body in ways that energize and empower you”

I feel it was/is life-changing. The people I met amazed me–so beautiful, so profound. Meeting Siska and Alan was breathtaking. I felt very seen when they looked at me. It was great to reconnect back into New Equations; to be awakened to other energies and to see where this is going. It is like nothing that you have done before. It’s easy and fun. You will learn how to access parts of your physical body in ways that energize and empower you.

Minnesota, USA 2010

“When I am at my strongest Soul Strength, I no longer put myself and my needs first.  I live from my heart, I do the things that serve us all and celebrate the joy of connection”

One year ago, I was on the cusp of discovering a new way of being.  I had gotten Soultyped and really didn’t understand what being a Soultype 1 meant.  I had seen the change in a person that is very close to me and I knew that she was living more in the present and coming more from her soul. How that was going to take hold in me, I had no idea.

Fast forward to one year later.  I have over 50 new friends that are closer to me than family.  I have traveled within the US and Europe to continue my New Equations training by learning a new way to bring my gifts forward.  I have found a peace within me that has brought a softness and a light to my life and my relationships.  I have internal resources to handle any situation and to treat others with dignity and respect, honoring them for who they are and what they bring to the situation.  I have learned to give more than I take, to live with the intention of leaving any interaction better than when I joined it and to bring my gifts fully to all situations. I have witnessed the joy on someone’s face and in their body as they connect soul-to-soul with another person.  I have felt what it means to be fully alive in my body so that it can feel and interpret the energy around me.  I know what it feels like to be completely joined in love, peace and harmony with nature.

I originally thought that New Equations was some kind personal development training that that I could use to re-ignite my career in training and development.  What I have gotten, is far beyond my initial expectations.  Words cannot express what I have found here. I have a new relationship with myself that transfers to all of my relationships.  The stronger I become in my Soul Strength, the more alive my passion becomes to bring my gifts to humanity.  When I am at my strongest Soul Strength, I no longer put myself and my needs first.  I live from my heart, I do the things that serve us all and celebrate the joy of connection.

As a Soultype 1, it is easy to see the beauty in you.  What I learned in New Equations is that I can also see the beauty in me.  When I let my inner beauty shine, I allow myself to go beyond the surface of my interaction with you and go deeply into a connection with your soul and mine.  Words are insufficient in describing that feeling that transcends time and space.  What I am left with is a moment that is indelibly etched in my inner being that is nurtured and cherished for my lifetime. For those moments and this new way of being, I am grateful.

Anne Dundorf